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The moon is currently in a waxing phase and in line with this, another portal day will reach us tomorrow. Admittedly, we've got a lot of portal days this month. From December 20.12th to 29.12th alone, 9 portal days will take place in a row. However, this month is not a grueling one vibrationally, or rather not a dramatic month, so speak up a month in which we humans are downright crushed by our own shadow parts. This month is still about harmony, about advancing in inner self-discovery, which can now take on new dimensions. We humans are currently experiencing a phase in which we are increasingly finding our own soul again and, as a result, are increasingly in our own self-love again.

A month full of harmony and energy

increasing MoonThe month of December continues to be an extremely energetic month. In this month, a cosmic radiation reaches us, which, due to its strong intensity, can massively expand our own state of consciousness. In exactly the same way, this month serves our own mental balance. The inner imbalance that has been in the minds of many people for countless years is now gradually disappearing. More and more people are advancing in the process of spiritual awakening and are recognizing the connections of life, which in turn are anchored deep in the energetic source. In addition, people are currently regaining increased sensitivity. The spiritual connection becomes stronger and one's own spiritual perception, the intuitive gift, reaches new heights. In this context, tomorrow's portal day stands for an abundance that continues to flow to us, which we can accept when we are ready for it. For this reason we should use the incoming cosmic radiation to continue to expand our inner peace of mind. Right now the opportunities are better than they have been for a long time. The month of December is a month that gives a special expression to our personal, individual reality.

Every human being is a unique universe..!!

Never forget that every person is unique and that, above all, every person writes a very special, unique story. This individual story can now be given a special shine. Our own thought spectrum can now be positive. The year was very stormy in this respect and many people experienced depressive moods. Times were sometimes very hard and many people experienced times when they were particularly challenged. Was it separations, addiction problems, a general lack of drive or even heartache, which can be traced back to the most varied of life situations. But now the whole thing is changing and we can use the energies of December to be able to enter 2017 stronger and happier.

The universe is now asking you to heal your inner imbalance..!!

At this point, the universe asks you to discard all legacy. Is there anything else that is troubling you in your life? What currently overwhelms your mind. Is there something that worries you or something that disturbs your inner imbalance. Let go of everything, let go of all baggage and welcome a new time, a time where you can again receive/experience/legitimize joy in your own spirit with ease. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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