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On December 07th it's that time again, then another portal day awaits us. Even though I have mentioned it before, portal days are cosmic days that were predicted by the early Maya civilization and indicate increased cosmic radiation. On these days, the incoming vibration frequencies are particularly intense, which is why increased tiredness and an inner willingness to transform (the willingness to recognize/transform shadow parts) spread in people's heads. These days are therefore perfect for becoming aware of your own mental parts and your heart's desires. So tomorrow is another day like that and this time it falls on a waxing moon phase.

The mental transformation is in full swing

mental developmentThe current winter time and especially the month of December holds a lot of potential for healing and spiritual development. In this context, the month is extremely energetic and therefore has a transforming and, above all, inspiring effect on many people. The signs are good and we humans can do a lot of transformation work this month. The mental connection is becoming more and more noticeable and especially highly sensitive or very sensitive people hear the current change with the greatest intensity. With the help of this energetic month, a perfect basis can be created to be able to progress in the process of spiritual and above all spiritual awakening. Many people have suffered far too much in the past, isolated themselves from their high-vibrational, intuitive source and found themselves in phases of pain and suffering. The year 2016 intensified this suffering again and a lot broke up, many negative structures and parts were washed to the surface. Some people even couldn't see any light on the horizon, they were too busy drowning in sadness and self-pity (myself included). But now the year is coming to an end and our path of self-healing is about to be completed. The potential of self-healing lies dormant in every human being and can be used perfectly in the current month. A person's lack of self-love, which repeatedly shows them why they still fail, which parts have been forgotten and, above all, always shows them the lack of connection to their true self, now wants to be accepted, recognized and lived by us again become.

We now have the best possible chance to be able to develop our own mental potential again..!!

Right now we have the best possible chance of being able to love ourselves again before the end of the year, and are given the opportunity to enjoy our lives to the fullest. With tomorrow's portal day in the waxing moon phase, the whole thing will intensify again. The day is therefore ideal for reflecting and reflecting on your own life. Whatever is still depressing you, whatever is still disturbing your inner peace of mind, throwing you off balance, should now go into transformation. Just let it happen. Don't waste your creative potential (everyone is the creator of their own circumstance) and use your inner power to shape your life back to the way you always dreamed.

Your mind/consciousness is like a magnet and attracts what you resonate with..!!

The possibilities for this are currently being offered to you and if you manage to mentally resonate with abundance, then this project will be strengthened again in the current waxing phase of the moon. In this context, your mind acts like a magnet. It attracts what you mentally resonate with. What you think and feel every day increases significantly and for this reason it is very advisable to legitimize abundance, love and harmony in your own spirit. Use the energies of December, tomorrow's portal day, and bring your inner imbalance back into balance. There is hardly a better time for this important undertaking than now. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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