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Tomorrow (May 04th, 2017) it's that time again and the 2nd portal day of this month is reaching us. The first portal day the day before yesterday was extremely devastating in that regard, at least that's what happened to me and some other people. In this context, on portal days we humans receive increased cosmic radiation (flares, attributable to solar flares and the like) and this can lead to unresolved inner conflicts and other negative mental patterns entering our day-to-day consciousness. That's exactly how it often happens that on such days we feel depressed, are extremely tired and find it difficult to focus on thoughts or rather the realization of corresponding thoughts.

The noticeable effects of a portal day

Change in consciousnessAs for me, the day before yesterday (May 02nd) I was hardly able to do anything. I was extremely tired, could hardly think clearly, had a fundamentally negative attitude and just needed rest. Going to bed early + a good herbal tea helped me to deal better with the incoming energies. In general there is one healthy sleep rhythm + enough sleep is very important, firstly, to be able to further develop one's own mental abilities and, above all, secondly, to be able to better process the incoming energies, or rather the high vibrational frequencies. Today it looked completely different and I was full of energy and energy. I just felt good and was out and about all day. Towards the end I felt more tired, but that wasn't a bad thing, after all I had exhausted myself doing sports beforehand.

We will experience a lot of positive things in the coming time. With the sun as the new astrological ruler of the year, even creating a positive basis for life will be easier than ever..!!

Well, tomorrow we'll have another portal day, the second one this month to be precise. After this day it will be a little quieter again, at least as far as the portal days are concerned. The coming portal days will only reach us again in a few weeks towards the end of the month (23rd/24th).

We are reaching a new level of consciousness

Positive state of consciousnessThe coming days/weeks will therefore be important for the development of our own mental and mental abilities. As already announced, May is an important month when it comes to your own spiritual development. Even the year 2017 is characterized by success and vitality. The sun, as the new astrological ruler of the year, gives us increased positive energies and above all serves to create a positive basis for life. In May, its manifestation will therefore be clearly noticeable. For this reason, we will be able to resolve some inner conflicts in the coming period, will experience a drastic reprogramming of our subconscious, and will be able to create a high vibration/clear state of consciousness much more easily. In doing so, we ultimately reach a new level of our own state of consciousness. As far as this is concerned, there are different levels of consciousness, and there are also enlightenments/expansion of consciousness of different intensity. Your own spiritual awakening takes place over several stages. As soon as we create a completely clear state of consciousness, as soon as we free ourselves from all addictions, dependencies, negative thoughts and other self-imposed burdens, we immediately reach a new, significantly more extensive level of our own mind.

True spiritual awakening begins when we free ourselves from all self-imposed mental problems. Only then will the realization of a completely clear state of consciousness be possible..!!

In this context, it is also often said that true awakening only then really begins, which is completely understandable. Only when we create a completely positive spectrum of thoughts again and are no longer subject to mental problems will we experience lasting magical moments. Only then will we be able to create a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas. In the coming period, especially this month, this endeavor will be easier than ever. I am currently noticing this particular process in myself. Currently, some things in my life are starting to change and overall I am much more active and vital again.

Use the energies of the coming time and create a life that completely corresponds to your own ideas. The power to accomplish this lies deep within you, you just have to recognize it again..!!

I feel significantly better, I direct my own state of consciousness towards the positive more often and I simply feel how a lot of things are changing, how I am strongly reprogramming my subconscious. Ultimately, we should welcome the coming weeks and take advantage of the positive effects of the month. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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