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After a few weeks it's that time again and the next portal day will reach us tomorrow. As far as that is concerned, only a few portal days reached us in April, to be exact 4. This month is also a bit quieter in this regard and 4 portal days reach us, 2 at the beginning of the month (02/04) and 2 at the end of the month (23rd/24th). To take up the whole topic again briefly in this context, portal days are days predicted by the Maya on which a particularly high level of cosmic radiation will reach us. For this reason, these days are usually accompanied by a certain restlessness, because the incoming energies influence our own state of consciousness and indirectly ask us to let go of the old in order to create space for the new.

Adjusting our own vibration frequency

Increasing our vibration frequencyThis process is actually very important in this regard, because only by recognizing and letting go of negative thoughts does it become possible to realign your own state of consciousness and that is ultimately what the overarching process of spiritual awakening is all about. Only by realigning our own state of consciousness will it be possible to keep our own vibration frequency permanently high. In this regard, deep down, the entire existence is entirely made up of energy, frequencies and information (If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, vibration and oscillation - Nikola Tesla). To be precise, every person has a subtle body, a unique energetic signature, which in turn vibrates at a corresponding frequency. In this regard, high vibration frequencies are generated by a positive mind, a positive thought spectrum or a positively oriented state of consciousness, while low vibration frequencies are in turn the result of a negatively oriented state of consciousness.

Since the newly begun Age of Aquarius, which is also often referred to as the newly begun Platonic Year, humanity has experienced a consistent further development of its own spirit..!!

For centuries, it has been difficult for us humans to build a completely positive spectrum of thoughts due to a low-vibration circumstance. In the meantime, however, the planetary circumstance has changed and due to a newly begun cosmic cycle (December 21, 2012 - beginning of apocalyptic years – Apocalypse = unveiling/revelation), humanity experiences an inevitable increase in its own vibration frequency.

New opportunities for advancement

changeFor this reason, a frequency adjustment takes place. We humans adapt our frequency to that of the earth. In order to be able to do this again, we absolutely have to dissolve all our karmic baggage from all our past incarnations, especially from the current incarnation. This karmic ballast, open emotional wounds/injuries, traumas, mental problems, etc., consistently reduce our own vibration frequency. For example, imagine a person who has lost a loved one in their past and cannot come to terms with it. This would then be self-created karmic ballast, negative thoughts that are deeply rooted in our subconscious and now and then reach our daily consciousness. We think about this past event, fall into sadness and thus negatively adjust our state of consciousness. We then automatically resonate with lack and loss, the result is that we attract further lack and loss, a vicious cycle. But as long as we cling to the old and cannot come to terms with it, we do not create space for anything new and thus repeatedly block the development of our own emotional and spiritual abilities. We remain stuck in self-imposed negative patterns and repeatedly experience similar, negatively oriented states of consciousness. For this reason, it is important to look forward and let go of the old in order to create space for the new. On portal days we are often confronted with these inner conflicts and are therefore asked to resolve these problems. Ultimately, no other person is responsible for one's own suffering. If you cannot come to terms with such a situation and keep falling into fear of loss, then only you are responsible for it. Everything that happens, all emotions, situations and thoughts only take place within you. You also see this article within yourself, perceive it within you and not outside your mind.

Use the energies of tomorrow and create a powerful realignment of your own state of consciousness..!!

At the end of the day, it's not about other people in this context; your life is just about the complete development of your soul and your spiritual potential, which in turn benefits your entire environment. For this reason, you should definitely use the incoming energies of tomorrow to restore your inner balance. Ultimately, this process is currently being favored. The signs are good, the collective state of consciousness is currently developing massively and, especially in May, we can get a lot going again.

Ask yourself what problems you still have, ask yourself what still stands in the way of creating a positive life circumstance and start realizing such a circumstance again..!!

Dependencies, mental problems, self-created karmic entanglements, we can now get all of this under control more easily than ever before. For this reason, in the next few weeks we can expect positive changes on all levels of existence, finally! Old problems can now be dealt with more easily and new things can be accepted much more easily. The chances of advancement are therefore very good. The sun unfolds its effect as the new astrological ruler of the year more and more day by day and instead of sinking into self-pity, we can now bathe in the glow of a new, positive spectrum of thoughts. The next two portal days are therefore preparation for the positive influences in May. We will now notice significant changes and can therefore be excited to see how the collective state of consciousness will develop this month. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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