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The world that the media, politicians, lobbyists, bankers and other powerful authorities make us believe is ultimately an illusionary world that only serves to keep people's state of consciousness ignorant and cloudy. Our minds are locked in a prison that we cannot touch or see. This prison is maintained by disinformation and lies, propaganda planted in people's minds that torpedo our free will. But this complex web of lies is currently being increasingly exposed, people are expanding their state of consciousness and are no longer so easily deceived. In this way we are heading towards a revolution at an unbelievable speed, which will soon lead us into a peaceful age.

The Invisible Empire

NWOThe Invisible Empire refers to a group of rich and powerful people, occult families who ultimately took control of finance, banking, industry, media and political states. They control the world energy market, our food, the pharmaceutical industry and act solely in economic and selfish interests. These authorities are not interested in our well-being, on the contrary, for these families we are nothing more than slaves, human capital, human batteries who are to be raised to be egoists and who have to defend their created system with all their might, people who reject and smile at everything, whatever does not correspond to their conditioned world view. It is a perfidious game being played on us and the main goal is to create a world government, a world completely controlled by these people, a world where they have claimed all the wealth and property while we live in poverty and work hard for their luxuries. This construct is explained in detail in the following video. I can therefore only recommend everyone to watch this video!!!

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