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Strong electromagnetic influences have been reaching us for several weeks, which is why we are in a phase of transformation and purification. Admittedly, this phase has been going on for several years, but we have been experiencing constant increases in intensity in this regard for years (it is becoming increasingly more revealing, but also more stormy - on the one hand also on the attributed to collective mental expansion). At times, this could be very distressing and some people often felt exhausted because of this, simply because the strong energetic influences our inner process of becoming whole (the realization that we are whole and complete in ourselves - a process towards fullness) while envisioning patterns and programs by which we hold ourselves back from expanding our consciousness in a consistent direction.

Uses the healing influences of the sun

Uses the healing influences of the sunHowever, we are currently experiencing a circumstance that allows us to optimally recharge our batteries, because the sun is shining all over Germany (or the sun is not covered by countless cloud carpets, - mostly due to Haarp, - geoengineering, strong interventions in our earth's atmosphere or in geochemical or biogeochemical cycles of the earth - weather manipulation, which is becoming more and more public and can hardly be denied). For this reason, we can now regenerate optimally and supply our entire system with influences, all of which have a healing effect, because exposure to the sun has an incredibly healing and, above all, regenerating potential, sometimes the effect is so strong that it is often underestimated. In this context, the sun is essential to our entire mind/body/spirit system and initiates some extremely important biochemical processes. Just because staying in the sun, i.e. experiencing the warmth, the light, the soothing atmosphere calms our mind, i.e. is very soothing, ensures that our mind, which then experiences balance and calm, has a significantly more harmonious influence on ours exerts the entire cell milieu (Mind rules over matter, - Our mind constantly exerts an influence on all cells). Even in ancient times, "sunlight therapy" was recommended in this regard, i.e. sunbathing was considered an optimal means of increasing one's own performance and strengthening the body's defenses (not to mention earlier advanced cultures, which were certainly aware of this). Ultimately, this is also a very important aspect, because the sun activates our body's immune system. We also produce large amounts of vitamin D in the sun. To be precise, the body can produce so much vitamin D in less than an hour that it would be the equivalent of 10.000 to 20.000 IU - provided the sun exposure is not reduced by sunscreen (for comparison: "Even if this refers to the oral intake of vitamin D, - 2.000 IU per day is the recommended maximum dose in Europe and North America"). As far as that is concerned, sunscreen is in no way beneficial or even recommended, quite the opposite (example for a “chemical society”), sunscreen is harmful to our skin and anything but protective. Therefore, the sun does not cause cancer either, sunscreen promotes the development of some diseases, such as skin cancer (apart from mental factors, - illnesses are born in the spirit, - but toxic substances in the organism in turn lead to a clouding/impairment of our spirit). At At this point I also quote a section from the page regenbogenkreis.de"

Commercial sunscreens - usually a toxic cocktail of chemicals

“The skin is our largest organ. When applying creams and other cosmetic products, it can also absorb harmful chemicals through its pores, which then enter our entire organism via the blood and put excessive strain on our detoxification organs (intestines, kidneys, liver). This can subsequently lead to an overall weakening of the immune system and to countless diseases. Although there is a proven high number of carcinogenic ingredients, they continue to be used in the cosmetics industry to make products.

It goes without saying that such toxins do not simply bounce off the skin. On her website, the biologist then also shows the effect on us if we continue to use industrial sunscreen. Because what it is supposed to protect against is actually amplified and caused by it: skin cancer and rapidly aging skin, which unfortunately are only the tip of the iceberg.”

Go in the sun

Go in the sunOf course, you shouldn’t get burned or get too severe a sunburn, which is why natural sunscreens, such as coconut oil, aloe vera, sesame oil, or hemp oil, are sometimes unavoidable alternatives (the skin type is crucial – as is our exposure to the sun). Otherwise, it should also be said that the sun can increase our well-being enormously. This is not only because our body's own serotonin production is accelerated under sunlight, but also because of the inspiring atmosphere. If there are hardly any clouds in the sky and the sun's rays "enliven" our surroundings, then this automatically tempts us to go into nature (or to go outdoors). You may then feel a real urge for it and you can hardly escape the inviting effect of the sun. The sun can therefore improve our own state of mind within a very short time. On the other hand, rainy and overcast days don't tempt you to go outside (of course, feeling raindrops on your skin can be pleasant, but that's not what I'm trying to get at). We often feel depressed and less productive as a result. Such weather conditions also promote depressive moods, which is why it should not be surprising why the sky per Haarp and co. is often darkened (closed).

The natural and healing influences of the sun can not only bring countless endogenous functionalities into balance, but also improve our mood considerably, which in turn has a positive effect on countless endogenous functionalities..!!

Well then, the sun has been shining all over Germany for a few days and the temperatures are rising. This will also continue in some regions, which is why we should go into the sun. The atmosphere is currently extremely beneficial and especially during the current extremely stormy phase, in which our organism is repeatedly exposed to strong energetic influences, this weather condition can be balm for our soul. For this reason it would not be a bad idea to take advantage of the sunny weather and go outside, our "mind/body/spirit system" will thank us for it. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

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