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As already announced in my last portal day article, after 2 intensive but also partly very pleasant days (at least that was my personal experience) the 5th new moon of this year is reaching us. We can look forward to this new moon in Gemini, because it announces the beginning manifestation of new life dreams. Everything that now wants to be unfolded, important dreams and ideas about life - which are deeply rooted in our own subconscious, are now transported into our day-consciousness in a special way. For this reason, it is now a matter of finally letting go of the old and accepting the new. This process is also very important in this context when it comes to permanently increasing/adjusting our own vibration frequency.

Finally let go of the old

New Moon in GeminiWe cannot develop consistently or remain permanently in a high vibration (create a permanently positive state of consciousness) if we still cling to our own past and therefore remain unable to act in some moments of our lives. In this regard, past events that have had a strong impact on us and are permanently present in our subconscious often block the realization of a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas. We cling far too much to old, entrenched life patterns, remain in a negatively oriented state of consciousness and, as a result, do not attract into our lives what we ultimately need for our own spiritual and spiritual development. Instead, we allow ourselves to be dominated by self-imposed burdens, legitimize negative thoughts in our own minds and often fall into feelings of sadness, guilt or even fear of loss. But the past no longer exists, it has already happened, life events that have long since ended and were only intended to teach us a valuable lesson, a life situation that served as a mirror of our own inner state. Ultimately, however, we are always in the present, a moment that has always existed, is and will be and which in turn extends forever. Past life events also happened in the present and future life situations will also happen in the present. However, many people find it difficult to come to terms with the past and so they often deprive themselves of a happy life that they could create by realigning their own mind. In this context, it is also very important to understand that changes and new beginnings are an essential part of our lives.

As soon as you let go of your own negative past, look forward and accept the change of time and your own life, only then will you attract the things into your life that you previously only dreamed of..!!

Only when we manage to come to terms with our past again, or rather with formative past life situations (for example the loss of a loved one), only when we look forward again, realign our minds and accept changes, will we be rewarded for our own perseverance . It's all about you, your reality and your personal mental and emotional development and this development can only be completed when we no longer allow ourselves to be blocked by our own past. As soon as we let go again and come to terms with our past, we automatically attract into our lives what we are ultimately destined for.

Manifest new things

Manifest new thingsOf course, I have to mention at this point that staying forever in your own past, even until the end of your life, would be part of your soul's plan and would then be intended for you. Nevertheless, you don't have to succumb to fate and you can create a life at any time, in any place, which completely corresponds to your own ideas (design your own fate instead of succumbing to it). But this only happens when we dissolve old, sustainable programming/behavior, come to terms with our own past and concentrate/look forward to positive times, changes and life situations again. For this reason, tomorrow's new moon in Gemini is perfect for finally taking this step. Ask yourself what continues to bother you in your life? Ask yourself why you continue to block the development of your own emotional and mental abilities and, above all, what maintains this blockage. Ask yourself how long you have been stuck in self-imposed vicious cycles and how you can break out. Ultimately, you are the creator of your life and no other person can reshape your life or realize your thought processes, this power only rests within you. For this reason, it is advisable to use the creative and new impulses of tomorrow's new moon in order to be able to create a more positive life on this basis.

Use the new impulses and energies of tomorrow's new moon to be able to shed old, sustainable structures and then be able to receive new things in your own spirit again..!!

Overall, May heralded an intense time of change, a time in which we will/can take new paths, get to know new things, and experience feelings of freedom, success and love and gratitude. That's why tomorrow is so particularly valuable. He announces a unique realignment that will lay the foundation for future successful and happy times. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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