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This month we had 2 new moons. At the beginning of the month, the new moon appeared in Libra, new times dawned, things or old emotional and mental patterns were increasingly reconsidered, so new approaches to solving karmic entanglements could be worked out during this time. As of today, however, this Libra constellation has changed again and so have we can now welcome a new moon in Scorpio. This new moon is primarily about saying goodbye to old emotional patterns and starting a liberated life. In the following article you will find out what else this new moon energy brings with it, what is now coming to the fore and, above all, why we can now have a carefree future.

The farewell to old emotional blockages

new moonAdmittedly, October has been a very stormy month so far. Emotional problems could be very noticeable both internally and externally. For some people it was therefore a matter of saying goodbye, saying goodbye to past sustainable patterns, saying goodbye to interpersonal relationships that only burdened them emotionally, saying goodbye to unsuitable workplace situations or even saying goodbye to a completely new phase of life. A lot changed and the month asked us to come to terms with ourselves. What do we really want in life, what is important to me at the moment and, above all, what is stopping me from being happy again. Thoughts represent the basic basis of our lives and for this reason this month was extremely important in order to be able to deal with negative thoughts in order to finally be able to legitimize letting go processes in one's own mind. Ultimately, letting go is once again a big topic. We often associate letting go with loss, but it's important to understand that you can't lose something that was never yours. Letting go doesn't mean that we should repress something or that we necessarily have to forget something. What it means is that we let things be, that we accept something from which we previously drew negativity and let it run its course leaves. Life is constantly changing, accompanied by continuous transformations, the end of phases of life and constant new beginnings. Change is therefore something completely natural and for this reason we should follow the law and allow change in our own lives again (overcoming stuck, rigid patterns).

October was a very educational month..!!

October was therefore also about letting go of past conflicts and, above all, about learning to accept the current circumstances. Everything that happened in October, the countless situations and moments that may have shaken us up for a short period of time, were ultimately learning situations and prepared us for the times to come.

New Moon Energy – Acceptance of Change

Moon energyNow a new moon begins again and with it the perfect energetic basis is provided to welcome a new life situation. Basically, the new moon also represents the emergence of new living conditions, new thoughts and, above all, new life energy. For this reason, we now have the opportunity to connect with the energies of the new moon to let new light enter our lives. If we accept these energies and joyfully accept the principles of the new moon, then we will be offered the opportunity to enter the new month of November cautiously and strengthened. In the same way, we can also expect a feeling of relaxation as we make peace with current events and changes. We have to find the courage to move forward consistently in life without allowing ourselves to be constantly paralyzed by suffering and heartache. For far too long we have drowned in self-pity and sadness, allowing ourselves to be blocked by pain and unable to see the light at the end of the horizon. But even the darkest moments pass, no matter how difficult it may be, no matter how often you have thought about giving up, the ability to love life again rests in every person, this potential can be developed again at any time. Happiness surrounds us at all times and if we stop fighting against our lives, if we finally accept our life with all its dark sides, then we are able to shape a future according to our wishes. We often don't see any meaning in certain changes and have the feeling that fate doesn't mean well to us. But we do not succumb to fate, but can take it into our own hands, since every person is the creator of their own reality. Every dark situation has a profound meaning and teaches us an important lesson at the end of the day. Everything in a person's life should be exactly as it is. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could have turned out differently, otherwise something different would have happened.

Mastering your own healing process..!!

Ultimately, everything is for your own good. Heartbreaks or moments in which we feel abandoned only show us our lack of connection to the divine self and show us that we are in a profound healing process. Anyone who masters this healing process will be rewarded with immeasurable happiness in the end. We grow beyond our own pain, become stronger, more empathetic, more attentive, gain a stronger connection to our divine aspect and can enter a new phase of life strengthened. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and enjoy the beneficial energies of the new moon. 

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