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new moon

Now it's that time again and today we're reaching the seventh new moon this year. Today's new moon is huge in terms of energies and is all about renewal and, above all, restructuring your own phases of life. So I was now able to notice some drastic changes in my social environment, or changes in familiar life situations, in established relationship patterns that were suddenly completely turned upside down - but more on that later in the article. As far as this is concerned, new moons as a whole also represent the realization of new trains of thought, for the creation of new phases of life and for realignments of our own minds.

New phases of life begin

New phases of life beginAs mentioned in my last articles, the last new moon also opened a special cycle, which in turn lasted until today's new moon. In this cycle, we humans were confronted with our own inner conflicts in a unique way, which subsequently led to some people once again dealing intensively with their own sustainable behaviors and thought processes. In this context, it was about being able to create space for new, positive things again in this smaller cycle, by recognizing and letting go of our own mental conflicts (the alignment of our own vibration frequency with that of the earth, - newly begun cosmic cycle - drastic increase in our vibration planets). If we were still somehow holding ourselves captive in negative thought patterns or even rigid life patterns, then this opened up the opportunity to finally be able to draw a line in the sand. For this reason, a lot changed again during this period. Many people began to change their own diet, managed to eat much more naturally, subsequently stopped eating meat, changed their sleep patterns, stopped smoking and even generally freed themselves from any existing addictions or relationships. which were purely based on dependencies. At the end of the day, this process is just a natural consequence of the newly begun Platonic year, which in turn led to a consistent increase in the planetary vibration frequency. This increased frequency automatically forces us humans to follow suit and adapt our own vibration frequency.

Our planet has been experiencing a drastic increase in its own vibration frequency for several years, which in turn leads to an alignment of our own frequency with that of the Earth. Ultimately, this process serves to create a positively aligned state of consciousness, a mind from which a positive reality can emerge..!!

The whole process promotes the creation of a positive space and, conversely, prevents negative behavior and thought processes from being given more space. For this reason, the collective state of consciousness is currently undergoing massive changes.

Powerful energies

Powerful energiesWe humans feel more connected to nature and the animal world again, reject everything that is artificial or, better said, energetically dense in nature - for example nuclear energy, meat consumption, chemically contaminated food, murder of animals (factory farming etc.), vaccinations, the urge for luxury and material goods increases. For this reason, the truth about our own origin, the truth about puppet politicians, sky pollution (chemtrails) and co. is currently spreading. increasingly stronger. From month to month, more and more people are recognizing the true reasons for the chaotic planetary circumstances and are consciously finding themselves in a process of spiritual awakening. Ultimately, this is also a reason why the current system media spreads disinformation even more strongly and deliberately ridicules people who engage in these machinations and labels them as “conspiracy theorists” (by the way, the word “conspiracy theory” comes from psychological warfare and is becoming current). deliberately used by various authorities in order to be able to specifically denounce people who could pose a threat to the system). Well, from month to month the frequency of our planet increases, from month to month increased cosmic rays reach us again and again, which stir up a lot of things within us and greatly change the collective state of consciousness. The last two months in particular have been extremely intense and at times quite chaotic. The period between today and the last new moon was extremely challenging in that regard. Towards the end, the chaos even worsened and many people suddenly initiated massive changes in their own lives. For example, my girlfriend stopped smoking 2 weeks ago and started completely normalizing her own sleep rhythm again.

In the last few weeks I have noticed massive changes in my social environment, noticed how more and more people were able to initiate personal breakthroughs..!!

I myself stopped eating meat from one day to the next and subsequently felt how good it was for my own body (I only ate meat again once, which wasn't good for me at all - I got a few Hours later, bad stomach pain). On the other hand, yesterday my brother ended his relationship with his girlfriend after many years and moved back in with us. By the way, that's also the reason why no daily energy item came today. I talked to him about it all last night, until 6 a.m., and the whole thing continued again today.

Use the potential of today's new moon and start laying new foundations from which important changes can emerge in the coming weeks..!!

So I only now found the time to report on today's new moon. Well, to come back to the changes, people on Facebook increasingly reported that they had now given up their own addictions and were able to achieve personal breakthroughs. The current times are very exciting and many people simply feel that a cycle has now begun, a time in which all the daydreaming ends and active action comes to the fore again. The focus is now more on one's own psychological and spiritual development than ever before and humanity is currently freeing itself from the clutches of its own ego (I definitely don't want to demonize the ego, because energetically dense aspects of course also have their justification), and are starting to deal with their own negative ones again Restructure programming. New things are manifesting themselves more strongly than ever in our lives and for this reason we can look forward to the coming weeks and months, a time that will be characterized by countless changes. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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