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The month of April is slowly coming to an end and finally a new moon is reaching us again on April 26th, to be precise even the fourth new moon of this year. In this context, April was a rather quiet month, at least at the beginning, now towards the end or in the last 10 days up to May, to my surprise, it got stormy again. Since the 21st, a huge solar storm has been raging, which has once again set things in motion. As far as that is concerned, the solar storm will last for a few more days and will continue to give us deep insights into our own being. In exactly the same way, the solar storm in combination with tomorrow's new moon will cause a real change.

Big things are coming to us

New moon and its effectsIn this context, new moons generally have an inspiring influence on our own psyche and, in contrast to full moons, hardly allow any shadows or unresolved inner conflicts to arise, on the contrary. Especially with new moons, it is much more about letting go of the old, i.e. letting go of old lasting mental problems, to “separate” from them in order to then be able to accept new ones. Since the new beginning of the cosmic cycle (December 21.12.2012, XNUMX - beginning of the apocalyptic years - apocalypse = unveiling/revelation/unveiling), humanity has been in a tremendous process of reorientation, which in turn is associated with a so-called spiritual awakening or a quantum leap into awakening. This process increases humanity's overall spiritual/spiritual quotient and also causes us humans to experience a drastic increase in our own vibrational frequency. An exciting process that ultimately leads to us humans shedding our own conditioned and inherited worldview. We revise old, negative beliefs and start looking at life from a completely new perspective. The dissolution/transformation of one's own lower thought processes is inevitably linked to this. People tend to stay in their comfort zone and stay in self-imposed, rigid life patterns. For example, it could be that we are dependent on certain things, energetically dense foods, tobacco, alcohol, or even other mind-altering substances.

Big things are coming to us in the near future and we will definitely experience a realignment of our own state of consciousness..!! 

On the other hand, we also like to put ourselves in a victim position and make ourselves dependent on other people. However, all of these behaviors often lead to us trapping ourselves in rigid patterns of life. Often we experience almost the same thing day after day, drawing negativity from our unwanted life situation day after day and not being able to break out of it. Now this situation is changing rapidly again. The critical mass of people who consciously find themselves in the process of spiritual awakening will soon be reached. In exactly the same way, the planetary change is now reaching a new peak and literally forces us to create a life that corresponds to our own ideas. Since March 21st, the sun has been our new astrological ruler of the year.

Tomorrow there will be a new moon that can have extremely strong effects on our own psyche. How we deal with these energies and whether we use them ultimately depends on ourselves..!!

Their effects are becoming more noticeable day by day. That's why more zest for life, vitality, peace and also success were announced for April. The whole thing was already noticeable in places and the light of our lives returned in places. Now this circumstance should fully manifest itself in our lives in May and more positive times will come our way - but more on that in the days to come. Well, tomorrow the fourth new moon of this year will reach us and it will be accompanied by an extremely high vibration environment. The electromagnetic storm continues and will therefore intensify the effects of the new moon. For this reason, we should definitely use the powerful potential tomorrow and initiate an important change in our own lives. Free yourself from everything that still burdens your mind. Free yourself from what still causes you worry and heartache and start creating a life according to your ideas. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.



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