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Massive interventions in nature have been taking place for several decades. Our weather in particular is being significantly changed and is literally being changed with the help of various technologies. In recent years in particular, one has the feeling that weather manipulation has continually reached new standards. As far as this is concerned, the weather has been going so crazy over the last few years that even outsiders, who always dismissed weather manipulation as fiction or even a conspiracy theory, have now come to the realization that massive interventions in the weather are taking place.

There are currently strong interventions in the weather

Storm XanthosWhether chemtrails that are sprayed over our heads, i.e. so-called chemical stripes, which, disguised under the guise of “geoengineering”, often spread into large chemical clouds in the sky, reduce solar radiation (more and more people understand that chemtrails are not a “conspiracy theory” - Truth about the word conspiracy theory are... yes, our aligned media ala mirrors claim otherwise and still prefer to expose the topic to ridicule), huge Haarp systems (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which supposedly fire frequency waves into our earth's atmosphere to research the ionosphere and do not can only trigger huge storms, but can also artificially create earthquakes. In this context, it is difficult to imagine the extent of weather manipulation, but in reality it looks like an extremely large number of storms, earthquakes, floods or even normal rainy weather days were the result of weather manipulation. More and more voices were raised that the recent storm systems Harvey and Irma were the result of modern weather manipulation (Harvey and Irma artificially generated?). The same applies to the strong or rather recent earthquakes in Mexico, yes, there are even many indications that the Chernobyl disaster was caused by an earthquake triggered by the Americans (due to economic interests), but the topic I'll cover it in a separate article.

Due to the fact that the weather on our planet is becoming increasingly crazy and that we are experiencing more and more storms, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, more and more people are becoming aware of the topics of weather manipulation, geoengineering, Haarp and co. confronted and suddenly realize that massive interventions in the weather have been taking place for decades..!!

The whole thing has now reached such an advanced stage that more and more people are paying attention. But how could it be otherwise when we, those living here in Germany, have already noticed tornado warnings and an increasing number of tornadoes are reaching us (in 2016 an F1 tornado over the eastern districts of Hamburg - in 2015 an F3 tornado over Stettenhofen - of course there have been before There have been isolated cases for a few decades, but this is no comparison to the current years). The interference with nature is so enormous that one might now have the feeling that there are hardly any days left when our weather does not come about in a completely natural way.

Storm Xanthos reaches Germany

Xanthos squallsIn the same way, we can also assume that the current storm Xanthos is a product of various weather manipulations, the probability is actually very high. After all, it is very irritating that such strong squalls reach us at this time of year and we are talking about gusts of up to 88 km/h (wind force 8 to 9). Ultimately, that's how I first became aware of today's storm, because within a few hours the weather here in the North Rhine-Westphalia region (near Düsseldorf) changed dramatically, it suddenly rained very heavily and massive squalls hit all at once over the roofs. The wind and/or the squalls also created a significant amount of noise and there were crashes everywhere. Precipitation, heavy snowfall and squalls are expected to continue in some parts of the country tonight. Ultimately, this storm depression will last for a short while and can also cause heavy precipitation, slippery conditions, snowfall and squalls tomorrow.

Due to the storm that is reaching us these days, we can ideally retreat - in keeping with the energetic influences of December - and devote ourselves much more to our own mental life..!! 

At the end of the day, we should not let this storm throw us off course, but instead, in keeping with the current energetic influences of December, we should continue to pause and focus on our own soul life or on the transformation/redemption of our own unredeemed inner ones Concentrating on conflicts, we should keep in mind that the current weeks can be very beneficial for our own mental and emotional development (Magical days in December). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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