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Everything in existence is made up of energy deep within, energetic states that in turn vibrate at frequencies. Vibrational frequencies are therefore something that surrounds us all, something that represents the ground of our life and above all represents the basic structure of our consciousness. In fact, it appears that a person's entire existence, their entire current state of consciousness, vibrates at a single frequency, which in turn is constantly changing (if you want to understand the mysteries of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations – Nikola Tesla). In this context, there are vibration frequencies that have a damaging influence on us humans (mind control) and frequencies that have a positive, harmonious influence on us. As far as this is concerned, the term 432 Hertz or music that vibrates at a frequency of 432 Hz has been heard again and again lately. 432 Hertz means a sound frequency that has 432 up and down movements per second.

A harmonizing vibrational frequency

music-432-hz432 Hz is an oscillation frequency that exerts a very harmonious and, above all, inspiring influence on our own mental and spiritual basis. Music that vibrates at 432 Hz can put us in a meditative state and allows healing to take place inside us. Regular hearing/perception of these frequencies opens our own mind and allows us to come to more profound self-knowledge. In exactly the same way, this music can improve/intensify our own sleep and lead to strong dreams that can even go in the direction of lucid dreams. In earlier times it was therefore even customary to compose music on this frequency or to use 432 Hz as standard pitch A. Even old composers such as Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach or Beethoven composed all their pieces on the 432 Hz frequency. This was common at that time. However, immediately before World War II, in 2, a joint resolution was made by the cabals (elitist powerful entities/families - NWO/Bilderbergers etc.) regarding the general pitch A, in which it was decided that pitch A, in the future be changed to 1939 Hz. Ultimately, our own spirit is suppressed with all might, we are made docile with mind control and other perfidious methods and kept in an energetically dense frenzy. One could also speak of a low-frequency frenzy, a prison built around our minds.

Humanity is in a war of frequencies..!!

In this game, a lot of vibrational frequencies are used (Haarp, microwaves, mobile phone radiation, etc.) which in turn negatively affect our mind, block our energetic flow, dull us and allow us to act more from our egoistic mind (this is why we are also in one War of frequencies). It should therefore not be surprising that in this context an attempt was also made to produce disharmony via a musical path. In this respect, the 440 Hz frequency is a rather unnatural, disharmonious frequency, which has a very negative influence on our own psyche.

440 Hz music worsens our own mental constitution and triggers an inner imbalance..!!

An increased inner basic aggressiveness and an inner feeling of imbalance are the result of this disharmonious frequency. Nevertheless, the topic is currently gaining attention again and more and more people are making use of the healing effects of the 432 Hz frequency. For this reason there is now a lot of meditation music and other pieces that have been converted to 432 Hz, all of which together have a harmonizing influence on our cells. But not only does our cell environment improve through the reception of 432 Hz frequencies, this vibration frequency has a very positive effect on our DNA and helps to balance our cerebral hemispheres, which in turn promotes our own mental stability. In this regard, instructions are also circulating on the Internet with which you can convert any music from 440Hz to 432Hz:

Instructions for 432 Hz conversion:

Download Audacity here for free as software it – is in German!
Open Audacity and open the music file you want to convert (Click on the "File" and then "Open")
Type cmd + A on Mac or Ctrl + A on Windows to select the song/music.
Then click on 'Effect' and here you have two options:
1) 'Change Pitch' for fast conversion but lower quality
Enter -1,818 as Percent Change and press OK
2) "Sliding time scale / Pitch Shift" for slower conversion but higher quality
Enter -1,818 in both (%) fields and press OK
The conversion is complete, press 'File', then 'Export'.
Choose where you want to save the file and the format you want to use.

Source: http://transinformation.net/wie-jede-musik-leicht-in-432hz-umgewandelt-wird-und-weswegen/

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