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portal day

Tomorrow (April 17th) it's that time again and we'll have another portal day (which can be traced back to the Maya), to be precise this is also the third portal day this month (two more will reach us on the 20th and 25th . April). For this reason, we face a particularly energetic circumstance tomorrow. In this context, there is also a high probability that tomorrow could be very violent, because currently (incidentally in keeping with the portal days), strong electromagnetic pulses have been reaching us almost every day for the last 1-2 weeks.

After we face violent influences

After we face violent influencesToday it was also very violent in this regard (see picture below), which is why we felt quite overwhelmed. As far as this is concerned, all the influences weaken the earth's magnetic field, which means that significantly more cosmic radiation reaches our own spirit. As a result, we not only gain groundbreaking insights into our own origins and the world (the illusionary world built around our minds), but we are also confronted with our own inner conflicts and mental inconsistencies. It may also be that on appropriate days one becomes aware of sustainable living conditions and subsequently begins to change these circumstances. Since Mercury is currently direct again, you could now initiate the manifestation of new circumstances on energetically strong days (for example on portal days) (of course you can manifest or accept new circumstances every day, but we are now experiencing this, at least in this respect , Support). I'm experiencing something similar right now, especially since yesterday I was able to bring myself to switch my website to https after years (I've always avoided this step, simply because this change means that all website Facebook likes and website comments disappear. I also didn't know whether this would have any other negative effects). That's exactly how I bought a new website theme/design, which is also currently being set up (don't be surprised if the site looks strange, I'm switching between themes as the new version still has problems). Ultimately, these were both things that I have avoided in recent years, simply because things like this can cause a lot of problems. electromagnetic influencesFor this reason, it doesn't surprise me that I decided to take these steps, especially on these electromagnetically strong days. We are in a time of transformation/cleaning and all old/sustainable life patterns want to be cleaned up and let go. Such processes will certainly continue tomorrow. In exactly the same way, it will greatly benefit the collective state of consciousness, because as you know, such energetically strong days always lead to an increase in people who "awaken", or to put it another way, people who suddenly develop a spiritual interest or start to question the current illusory system. Well, for this reason, tomorrow will certainly be very intense and will have some special opportunities for us. But what will ultimately happen depends entirely on us and the direction of our own minds. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Electromagnetic influences Source: http://sosrff.tsu.ru/?page_id=7

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