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portal day

Tomorrow it's that time again and we'll have another portal day, to be precise the third portal day of this month. In doing so, we can definitely prepare ourselves again for high cosmic influences, which will then literally flood our state of consciousness. We've been hearing about this for a few weeks/months anyway There is also no sign of an energetic high and a leveling off in this regard.

Big things are ahead of us

Big things are ahead of usIn this regard, the situation has never been as stormy and at the same time cathartic as it is currently. We have been experiencing a permanent energetic high for a few weeks/months. Days when the vibration level dropped or the cosmic radiation was not so intense were very rare. We are experiencing increases almost every day, and in some cases these currently never-ending increases in vibration are so enormous that it is only a matter of time before some major event reaches us humans again (be it a massive change in our lives - Or even a serious change - a serious event on a political/system-technical level). Experience has shown that times, or rather phases, that are accompanied by permanent increases in oscillation frequency always lead to huge shocks both externally and internally. High cosmic irradiations or energetic increases generally lead to serious changes, expose our own shadow parts, make us aware of our own inconsistencies and subsequently force us to change our own life situation, sometimes in a very strenuous way. This phenomenon particularly comes into effect when we are not in harmony with ourselves, not in harmony with nature, or we allow ourselves to be constantly dominated by certain mental problems. If this is the case, then times that are in turn accompanied by high vibrational increases simply lead to a cleansing of our own mind/body/spirit system over time - an inevitable process which in turn is essential for the creation of a balanced state of consciousness.

The pollution of the planet is only the reflection on the outside of psychological pollution on the inside, a mirror for the millions of unconscious people who do not take responsibility for their inner space - Eckhart Tolle..!!

Since in today's world many people legitimize chaos in their own minds and the collective state of consciousness is not yet balanced, it is only a matter of time before serious external conflicts arise again. In particular, the elite families (financial elite) stop at nothing in this regard and, especially in these high-energy times, cause a lot of chaos, massively intervene in the weather, manipulate it and stage/initiate an increasing number of terrorist attacks (most recently the massacre in Las Vegas). For this reason, my feeling tells me that something big will happen in the near future, that some consciously initiated major event will reach us, which will then lead to a massive change within the population.

Due to the extremely stormy times and the associated permanent energetic increases, we should definitely embrace this situation again and initiate a cleansing process - at least when we are not in harmony with ourselves and life..!! 

This feeling has been with me for a few weeks now and I'm excited to see what will happen in the coming period. Ultimately, there is no question that such a major event will happen, simply because the current precarious situation makes it inevitable. Well, the only thing we can do is join the high energies and initiate a cleansing process. In these high-energy times, it is becoming increasingly important that we love ourselves again and create a certain mental balance. The times in which we experienced the darkness and were able to learn from our own self-created imbalance are coming to an end and it is now becoming more and more important that we once again inspire the collective state of consciousness with our love, with our balance, instead of impairing it. For this reason, use tomorrow's portal day again and bathe in the high incoming energies. Your mind/body/spirit system will thank you. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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