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Tomorrow the time has come and we'll have another portal day, to be precise the 2nd portal day of this month. This portal day will once again give us a strong increase in energy, which can definitely trigger a lot in us. As far as cosmic influences are concerned, December is generally a very intense month and, as in the article about December influences, can mentioned, cleanse a lot within us.

An intensive portal day

This month in particular, our own mental life comes first and we tend to withdraw completely. The energetic influences, especially this month, show us the entire year, sometimes even our entire life, and show us in a special way where we have fallen by the wayside, but at the same time we are also setting ourselves up for our own development attentive. It's just a month of looking back, of returning to ourselves, of looking inward and, above all, a month of closure. This month, the star constellations also serve our own mental and spiritual development and, in particular, people who have been stuck for several years and are making absolutely no progress in life can experience tremendous success. But things are also moving forward for everyone else and the month can have all sorts of surprises in store for us. Mercury retrograde (until December 22nd) also gives us positive aspects and can help us plan, examine and rethink situations and other circumstances better. This circumstance is then reinforced by the corresponding portal days, which, due to their strong energetic circumstances, will noticeably strengthen all star constellations and keep our soul life in front of our eyes. For this reason, we can deepen our relationship with ourselves again this month and, especially on the corresponding portal days, we could succeed in such a project in a special way. Well, due to this circumstance, I will be withdrawing almost completely on tomorrow's portal day (I will still publish the article) and allowing myself a lot of rest.

Since the super full moon and the associated strong energetic increase, I have simply overexerted myself and now notice how my mind/body/spirit system is literally forcing me to calm down. Since tomorrow will also be accompanied by strong energetic influences and exciting star constellations will reach us, I will definitely use the day and mostly just rest..!! 

So I've generally overexerted myself a bit in the last few days and have been traveling a lot, doing a lot of sports and sometimes working on projects until late at night. Today the whole thing came to a head again and I just noticed how my body really wanted to force me to rest and sleep (the strong energies of today also facilitated this situation). That's why I'm going to lie down a little earlier today and relax for the most part tomorrow, especially since I can process all the incoming frequencies of the portal day better. Aside from the portal day, tomorrow can also be very strenuous anyway, because we will reach countless star constellations, almost all of which are exciting in nature. For this reason, I can only recommend to all of you that you don't overexert yourself too much tomorrow and, if necessary, pay more attention to your body and your mind. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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