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portal day

Tomorrow it's that time again and we're getting a portal day, to be precise the second portal day of this month. These are portal days - for all those who are new to this blog or who are hearing the term for the first time, so-called high-frequency days - i.e. days which can firstly be traced back to the Mayan calendar and secondly point to energetically very strong circumstances.

Influences of tomorrow's portal days

Influences of tomorrow's portal daysDue to the strong vibration, these days - especially in the current process of spiritual awakening (changing the world) - can be incredibly valuable and have a very special influence on our own spirit. Above all, our thoughts and feelings are strengthened and we gain greater access to our own soul, or we can deal with our own state of being much more deeply on appropriate days. Likewise, our spiritual interest can be awakened on such days and people who, for example, have never dealt with spiritual/spiritual topics in their lives, could suddenly feel a beginning spiritual interest. As has often been mentioned, on energetically strong days the existing system (apparent system - a system - based on disinformation, injustice, lies and appearance - low frequencies) is often questioned. On the other hand, precarious/shadowy living conditions like to come to the fore and you question your own suffering. The current world is subject to a struggle between light and darkness, between low and high frequencies, between EGO and soul, between love and fear, which is difficult to grasp, and these days are therefore stirring up a lot in us, which may enable us to do so are going to clean up our lives. The manifestation of a higher (harmonious, - peaceful, - balanced, - truthful) state of consciousness is an overriding goal of incarnation.

If we want peace in the world, then we must begin to embody that peace ourselves. There is no way to peace, because peace is the way..!!

Peace can only arise again in the world when we open our hearts and subsequently create a high-frequency state of consciousness, i.e. a spiritual state from which a harmonious/peaceful reality emerges. Ultimately, you can look at the whole thing from countless perspectives and also include countless aspects, but in order to illuminate the entire process in its entirety, it takes more than just one article and also the ideas of several people.

Electromagnetic influences still high

Electromagnetic influences still highAt the end of the day, however, that shouldn't matter either, because at the core of many truths, no matter how differently they are expressed/conceived, lead to an overriding goal, namely to the manifestation of a higher (5-dimensional/cosmic) state of consciousness, to seeing through the current illusory world, whereby we can then subsequently create a pure, truthful reality shaped by love. And this is happening not only for our good, but for the good of all humanity, for our own light inspires other people's states of being (Our thoughts and emotions flow into the collective state of consciousness - every act of kindness raises the frequency of {our} universe ). Well, that's why portal days are very special days. As far as this is concerned, the high frequency circumstance results from several factors, which are usually always very different. In this context, I have often noticed that stronger solar storms (flares) reach us on portal days. As a result, the earth's magnetic field is weakened each time, which means that more cosmic radiation reaches us. On the other hand, our planet also likes to experience a change/increase in its electromagnetic resonance frequency (Schumann resonance frequency). Electromagnetic influencesBut also influences that emanate from the galactic central sun, for example, or come from the cosmos as a whole (a comprehensive overview eludes me), are more and more present on corresponding days. Today, for example, the electromagnetic influences are again significantly stronger than usual (see upper picture of the Russian Space Obersving System). In general, we have been seeing very strong increases in this regard for the last 2-3 days. The influences will therefore certainly be very strong tomorrow as well, and the probability is very high. Well, but what can we do on such days or tomorrow's portal day, what can we expect. I have already mentioned in the above section how the influences affect us. Otherwise, it can be very inspiring if we give ourselves a little rest on appropriate days and do things that benefit our own mind. Relaxing music, meditation, staying in nature or even a natural diet can ensure that our mind/body/soul system can process the influences better. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Electromagnetic Resonance Frequency Source: http://sosrff.tsu.ru/?page_id=7

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