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Tomorrow, November 18, 2017, the time has come and a very magical new moon will reach us in the zodiac sign Scorpio. To be precise, this is also the 11th new moon this year and with it another exciting phase of reorientation begins. Like every year, the Scorpio New Moon is one of the most powerful new moons and usually has a very profound effect. The Scorpio New Moon in particular can stir up a lot of things in us again, can make unpleasant parts, i.e. deep shadow parts, visible to us again and can be responsible for us feeling the urge to become truthful again.

A powerful new moon in Scorpio

A powerful new moon in ScorpioIn this context, simply undermining our own self, i.e. maintaining our own blockages, preventing our own self-realization, is simply too stressful. In exactly the same way, all of our repressed fears, compulsions and problems permanently have a negative influence on our own minds, preventing us from accepting ourselves again, from being able to accept ourselves and be at peace with life again. But we cannot maintain all this stress for a lifetime, we cannot allow ourselves to be constantly upset by our own self-created blockages and thus permanently live out an imbalance. In the end, we are only harming ourselves, allowing ourselves to bathe in the flow of life again, spending significantly less time in current structures and, in the long run, creating a physical environment in which illnesses can develop much more quickly. Our organism reacts extremely sensitively to all thoughts and emotions. In particular, negatively animated/souled thoughts cause considerable damage in the long term and put a strain on our system. Our cells react to our own thinking, react to our mental orientation. The more we think negatively, the more we feed our cells with low-frequency energy.

Tomorrow's new moon in Scorpio will definitely make us aware of our own self-created blockages, our inconsistencies in life and our own lack of self-love. Nevertheless, this is not something we should demonize, because this direct confrontation is definitely a sign of transformation and serves our development..!! 

This is why it is so important to find out the reasons for our own negative orientation. Instead of repressing our problems and fears (no matter how serious they may be), we should take a closer look and become aware of the extent to which we can steer our lives in a better direction.

A magical new moon of transformation and reorientation

New moon in ScorpioWe should then become active again and initiate the appropriate changes. In this regard, the Scorpio New Moon is also wonderful for recognizing your own fears and mental blockages. In this way, everything that we repress and consciously do not consider is addressed in Scorpio or, better said, transported into our daily consciousness. Ultimately, tomorrow's Scorpio New Moon also represents transformation, our transformation and the associated creation of new structures. It's now about making important decisions and initiating a U-turn, an important turnaround, so that we can then stand back in the power of our self-love. Even though such a process can be very painful, leaving our sustainable life structures always leads to liberation at the end of the day and will subsequently reward us with a new, positive path in life. For this reason, tomorrow's Scorpio New Moon is also very important for our prosperity, because its powerful/renewing energies can definitely show us a new direction and yet make it clear to us which direction our life should now take, can give us the desire for change and Arouse change. It is therefore a truly magical new moon, which is also accompanied by an important player. So Uranus is in the quincunx to the new moon and will greatly shape/determine the next 4 weeks until the next new moon (quincunx = an angular relationship of 150 degrees || minor aspect). In the next 4 weeks our intuition will be particularly strong, which is also important because things will definitely get down to business. The coming Uranus phase could also be perceived as stressful, but on the other hand it also brings with it a lot of transformation potential.

On the one hand, tomorrow's new moon in Scorpio can be perceived as very stressful, simply because it can transport countless shadows into our daily consciousness and awaken in us the desire for change and transformation. On the other hand, this new moon can also stand for regeneration, healing and cleansing, which is why we shouldn't overexert ourselves too much tomorrow..!! 

However, it remains to be seen what the next four weeks will look like until the next new moon. But one thing is certain and that is that we can really look forward to tomorrow's very powerful new moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio. It is truly a transformative new moon whose energies we should definitely use again for a new orientation. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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