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Tomorrow, i.e. on December 07th, 2018, it will be that time again and in all probability a day will arrive that will be accompanied by an extremely special and, above all, powerful energy quality. On the one hand, we receive a portal tag (these are Mayan days associated with strong energetic movements – the veil to our true inner self, often referred to in this context as other dimensions/states of consciousness, is thinning) and on the other side another new moon, specifically a new moon in Sagittarius.

The current collective transformation

The current collective transformationDue to this very special combination, this day will not only hold a very powerful potential for us, but will also be all about purification and transformation. In this respect, our planet has generally been in a massive transformation and change phase for several years. Our planet, as a living organism, frees itself from all old structures and other disharmonious circumstances. This process is subsequently transferred to human civilization and is partly responsible for the fact that a tremendous mood of upheaval prevails. Because all the man-made chaos, which in turn has severely affected our planet, stands in the way of this process of change. For this reason, a comprehensive purification takes place, in which completely new views, beliefs, beliefs, world views and, consequently, completely new storylines become manifest. We then legitimize a new reality in our own mind and begin to return to natural processes. This change is often experienced as extremely turbulent, because we free ourselves from destructive conditioning (sustainable programming) that has been anchored in our energetic/mental framework for countless incarnations. However, turbulent as this process is, it represents the consequence of a cosmic realignment and paves the way for an entirely new age. For this reason, more and more people are becoming aware of their own mental structures and are also breaking up their own mental illusion. In doing so, we penetrate, with our spirit, an illusory world or one could also speak of a dull/destructive/low-frequency world that we have built up around our mind.

Overall, one can of course speak of a sham system, i.e. a system that is controlled by a shadow government, which in turn is pursuing extremely inhumane and unnatural goals. However, it is important to understand that a corresponding illusory world/matrix was not built around our mind, but rather we have such a world built around our mind. Assigning blame is therefore counterproductive, because we ourselves are responsible for everything that happens, no matter how deeply the illusory system may be rooted in us. It is therefore important to permeate the world again with our own spirit and this usually happens by gaining an eye for natural states. Anyone who recognizes/feels low-frequency/unnatural mechanisms within their inner world and consequently also in relation to the outer world, understands why the system is not only controlled by other forces, but also why it is based on injustice. It also resolves rooted conflicts and also understands that we can change the world by representing the change that we wish for in this world..!!  

The installed system, which in turn is consciously built on disinformation, half-truths, material orientations, EGO structures (overactivity), destructiveness, injustice and unnaturalness, is finding less and less approval. All these structures are therefore increasingly transformed, because we humans put / reject this appearance. We see through all low-frequency mechanisms, recognize our own immense potential as spiritual creators, get into a true state, experience a manifestation of our deeply hidden connection to nature and develop completely.

New Moon & Portal Day

New Moon & Portal DayStructures that are therefore still based on disinformation and, above all, on unnaturalness/artificiality experience an ever-decreasing identification, simply because it leads us to natural, divine states (i.e. states that are of a high-frequency nature and are therefore based on peace, harmony, love, justice, clarity, wisdom, etc. = This characterizes a "high" state of consciousness and not, as is often wrongly assumed, the pure accumulation of knowledge and the sole and only associated knowledge analytical/rational perspectives - IQ + EQ = Spiritual/Spiritual Quotient - Our heart intelligence is critical as related abilities have been suppressed/shunned for centuries). Well then, coming back to tomorrow's new moon and portal day, this day will definitely come with a very renewing and deepening energy quality as mentioned before, not only because new moons generally bring with them a strong intensity, but because overall the current energy quality is very stormy in nature. It is specifically about our own process of becoming whole/healing, i.e. we are asked to clean up, whether directly or indirectly, karmic patterns that can be traced back not only to this life, but even to countless previous lives. Within countless incarnations, a lot of discordant energy has accumulated in our own basic structure and this is now being recognized and released in this special time of spiritual awakening. Otherwise, it is only possible for us to stay in a high frequency to a limited extent, simply because we are repeatedly subject to inner conflicts that keep us from a corresponding frequency state. But the world is in an accelerated change and everything that is destructive in nature does not last in the long run (the transition into the 5th dimension, i.e. into a high state of consciousness, is only made possible by this). For this reason we get more into our own creative power (consciously) from day to day and take responsibility for our own actions. Apart from a few exceptions related to precarious living conditions and unforeseeable "strokes of fate", we are responsible for our own space and also for everything that happens.

The current process of spiritual awakening is unstoppable and is absolutely guaranteed to usher in a golden age, no matter how tumultuous the period leading up to it may be. In the meantime, therefore, we should not just stand by and relinquish our responsibilities, but begin again to manifest the peace that we long for. We have such incredible potential that we can ignore, but we should do much more to harness it again. It also depends on each person himself..!!

We are the creators of our own reality. We are the shapers of our own destiny, the smiths of our happiness and it depends on ourselves to what extent we experience further development. Tomorrow will therefore certainly benefit our own mental and spiritual development and we can be curious as to how we will experience this special day. All moods can be experienced. We can experience a very happy, or a very exhausting day. The day can be experienced in exactly the same way as any other day. This is where our complete individuality, our openness and also a spiritual understanding/feeling flow into it. Well, last but not least, I would like to end this article with a quote from Eckhart Tolle:

"The pollution of the planet is only the reflection on the outside of a psychic pollution on the inside, a mirror for the millions of unconscious people who take no responsibility for their inner space."

So it's time to push our limits. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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