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portal day

Tomorrow the time has come and we will reach the third and final portal day (portal days = days predicted by the Maya on which increased cosmic radiation reaches us) of this month. For this reason, tomorrow will be a day when strong energetic influences will reach us and as a result we will either feel very energetic, dynamic and awakened, or we will be rather depressed and out of sorts. What will happen Of course, depends firstly on ourselves and the use of our own mental abilities and secondly on the orientation of our own mental state.

The last portal day of this month

Strong energies tomorrowUltimately, portal days serve our own mental and spiritual development, because the incoming energies are responsible for ensuring that the veil to our own source or to our own inner being (our soul) is significantly thinner. Due to the strong planetary frequency increase, we also experience an increase in our own frequency. This means that our entire mind/body/spirit system tries to adapt to the increased frequency situation, which means that internal conflicts are often transported into our daily consciousness, because it is our own internal conflicts (mental discrepancies) that keep our state of consciousness at a low frequency , - i.e. since negative thoughts and emotions are of a low-frequency nature, people who suffer every day create a low-frequency circumstance. In order to be able to stay at a high frequency, it is important to have a spiritual orientation that is designed for harmony, joy and peace. In this context, love is a feeling that can keep our frequency state high, at least when love is currently manifest/present in our own minds. Ultimately, we feel really energized because the light energies it generates benefit our own well-being. Almost everyone has experienced it at some point, for example when they were in love. The feeling this caused made us carefree, happy and very satisfied. We then felt “light”, dynamic and felt the high frequency in which we found ourselves.

Love is the most powerful energy in existence, which is why an open heart (heart chakra) is very beneficial to our own mental and emotional flourishing. As a result, we not only develop a love for ourselves, but also for nature and the animal world (we project our love onto the outside world)..!!

A person who in turn experiences suffering, for example is very sad due to a separation, will in turn feel the effects of the low frequency. The heavy energies then make us sluggish, unproductive and even make us feel paralyzed. Well, today could be very inspiring or exhausting due to the influences of the portal days.

Strong energies tomorrow

portal dayOur current frequency state plays an important role, but also how we deal with the incoming energies or our current mental orientation. As already mentioned in today's daily energy article (February 26th), we attract into our lives what we are and what we think, which corresponds to our current charisma and also our spiritual orientation. Of course, our own mind/body/spirit system reacts to the strong influences (the energies are processed), but this does not necessarily have to put us out of action and we can have a very positive day, especially if we are on a portal day are in a positive mood – our feeling could then be intensified.

Because of our own mental creative power, we humans are the creators of our own circumstances and can subsequently choose for ourselves what kind of state of consciousness or what mental orientation should be manifest. As a rule, it is up to us whether we let joy and happiness, or suffering and bad luck, become manifest..!!

For this reason, we should also look forward to tomorrow and accept the energies as they are. As I said, it depends on us whether we look at the whole thing from a positive or a negative perspective, whether we deal with the circumstance positively or even negatively. We are the designers of our own fate, the creators of our own reality and can usually choose how we deal with life. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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