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portal day

Tomorrow the time has come and we reach the last portal day of this month. This portal day will most likely flood us again with high incoming frequencies and will be responsible for us gaining a deeper insight into our own soul life. Due to the high cosmic radiation, portal days are usually also responsible for our own self-discovery always give us a deep insight into our own soul.

The last portal day of this month

The last portal day of this monthFor this reason, our own heart's desires can be in the foreground on these days, i.e. our own emotional desires, which we still cannot realize due to our own mental blockages and other inconsistencies. As has already been mentioned many times, we often stand in the way of our own self-realization due to our own self-created imbalance and thus prevent ourselves from creating a state of consciousness in which we can completely accept and love ourselves again. In this context, we humans tend to allow ourselves to be dominated by our own mental blockages and other karmic entanglements, simply living out a life that does not correspond to our ideas or, better yet, is not in line with our own intentions, which then results in a diminished life Self-love + a reduced acceptance of our own being emerges. Tomorrow's portal day will certainly show us our own inner imbalance and our problems - which in turn are responsible for maintaining our own lack of self-love. Of course, I also have to point out that this doesn't necessarily have to be the case, especially if we currently have a strong spirit + a spiritual connection. If this is the case, then these days can give us a real boost and make us feel very dynamic and energetic. It always depends on the condition of our own mind/body/spirit system, especially on energetically strong days away.

Due to the last portal day of this month - towards the end of the year, the energetic influences of tomorrow's portal day act as a conclusion to one's own rigid or even other life situations and at the same time also announce a new beginning..!!

Well, tomorrow's portal day, on the other hand, also represents an end, a conclusion and our own look, which we turn inward again. Winter in particular (reinforced by the portal day) always makes us withdraw and gives us deep insights into our true being. Otherwise, the last day of the portal also represents an end or the conclusion of a phase of life, the conclusion of old sustainable programming and patterns, as this simply brings this energy with it at the end of the month (toward the end of this year). Nevertheless, an end also represents a new beginning and so the following days could represent the beginning of a completely new phase or even new experiences for us. For this reason, we should also use the influences of tomorrow's portal day and, if necessary, not demonize sections that are now coming to an end, but rather welcome them more and know that new, very special times will come again, i.e. times that are for us your own prosperity can be very beneficial. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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