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energy surge

As already mentioned in today's daily energy article, tomorrow on December 17th, 2017 we will reach an important turning point that will transport us into a completely new period of time. In the past 10 years there was a phase that was characterized by the element of water. As a result, our emotional issues were always in focus and there was a very upsetting, stormy situation overall. However, tomorrow this phase will end and another 10-year phase will become active, which will be entirely dedicated to the element earth.

Big turnaround tomorrow

energy surgeAs a result of this change, the focus will once again be on completely new structures and it is now about our self-realization, our personal responsibility, our creative powers and, above all, it is about the manifestation of our own heart's desires, which in turn is favored by a spiritual reorientation that is now taking place. In this context, this change is also absolutely necessary, especially when it comes to our lives, i.e. our mental and emotional development and the associated creation of new life structures. In exactly the same way, this change is also important for the development of the collective state of consciousness and the associated overcoming of a system that always keeps us quiet, ignorant and calm with disinformation, disease-causing substances/circumstances (chemically contaminated food, vaccines, geoengineering, artificialities) and other methods that reduce consciousness want to keep materially oriented. In recent years there has been a phase that can be described as the beginning of an awakening. So the expression of our spiritual interest was once again in the foreground and we humans increasingly dealt with our own original reason, i.e. with spiritual structures and, at the same time, gained a look behind the scenes, i.e. we recognized the true background of the current warlike and chaotic planetary circumstances.

The beginnings of the newly begun Age of Aquarius showed us our own origins and the associated self-imposed appearance, which was subsequently penetrated by our own spirit..!! 

Nevertheless, this fueled a lot of anger among people, but at the same time also a certain inability to deal with changes in their own lives. So many people (including me) acted contrary to their knowledge and as a result continued to allow themselves to be dominated intellectually. For example, many mental restraining and illness-causing mechanisms were recognized, but it was difficult to free oneself from these mechanisms due to years of conditioning.

A new cycle begins

A new cycle beginsFor example, it was recognized that a natural alkaline-excessive diet can not only work true miracles (for your own mind/body/spirit system), that you can free yourself from all diseases through such a diet, and that such a lifestyle is detrimental to large, competitive and profit-oriented corporations could cause significant damage or, better said, would call for change, but still acted contrary to one's own knowledge due to one's own habits, conditioning and dependencies. Whether tobacco, alcohol, coffee, meat or animal proteins and fats of all kinds, finished products, soft drinks or fast food, most people recognized their mentally debilitating effects and sat down with aspartame, glyphosate, glutamate, refined sugar, refined salt and various others “Additives” make it difficult to initiate complete change. Instead of initiating a peaceful change, there was a real anger towards the system and its backers and people themselves were angry about the deception imposed on us. Our emotionality therefore prevailed and there were many conflict issues that weighed on us. In this phase, all old mental structures, sustainable life patterns, unresolved conflicts, karmic entanglements and other areas of interference reached us, which were now made clear to us in a direct, sometimes even painful way. A purification process was taking place that could cause us to experience shadows, but was of utmost importance to our own flourishing. The last few years have been quite strenuous for me and I experienced a cleansing process that was tough. Since my first self-knowledge in 2014, I initially led a life that was not in harmony with my heart's desires and intentions. Apart from that, I separated from a partner in 2016, which put me in a deep hole and suffered from severe depression. For me it was the most instructive but also the darkest phase of my life.

The psychological cleansing process, which has taken on very large proportions, especially in recent years, could be perceived as very strenuous for some people, but nevertheless only served our own mental and spiritual development..!!

It was only at the end of 2016 that this situation and my own mental state improved and I managed to grow beyond myself. The year 2017 was still relatively stormy, but this year, especially towards the end, I was able to manifest a lot of new things in my life and, compared to all previous years, I developed an inner strength that I had never experienced before.

A phase of self-realization and manifestation

A phase of self-realization and manifestationThe water period that is now ending, which was massively reinforced at the same time by the newly begun Age of Aquarius on December 21, 2012 and the associated increase in frequency of the planet, was tough and could initiate a massive change within us. In this context, it was a stormy but also very important phase that is now slowly coming to an end and will lead us into a completely new period. Starting tomorrow, this phase will end and an earth period will reach us. A phase now begins in which self-realization and manifestation play a very important role. It's about our self-realization, about standing in our creative power, about the realization of our own heart's desires and the associated creation of a state of consciousness that is in harmony with nature, the universe and life itself. This creation of a peaceful state of consciousness will subsequently lay the foundations for the golden age. Ultimately, no war, no anger, no prejudice and no hate can transport us to a peaceful age. We must once again represent the change we want for the world. We must once again embody the peace we have long desired. We must stand up for nature again and live in harmony with it, instead of harming nature, whether directly or indirectly, due to an unnatural lifestyle and a disharmonious spirit. Peace can only arise when we allow peace to arise within us again.

Peace does not arise on the outside, but on the inside. For this reason, we should now represent the change that we want for the world..!! 

The coming time of manifestation and self-realization is therefore an inevitable consequence of the past emotional phase and will direct our focus on Mother Earth and her flourishing. Connected by our own mental foundation, we humans can now achieve great things and once again create a life that is free of self-doubt, mental imbalance and a lack of self-love. The beginning of this phase is also supported by a new moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius on December 18th and a portal day on December 19th. These days generally serve to create new life structures and therefore really herald the manifestation of the earth cycle. For this reason, we should look forward to the coming days, especially the next few weeks, months and years and, due to the energetic circumstances, we can definitely take a completely new, i.e. more harmonious, path in life. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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