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Electromagnetic influences

As already mentioned several times on "Everything is energy", we have been receiving strong electromagnetic impulses for a few months/weeks & overall strong influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency. The influences were extremely strong on some days, but flattened out a little on other days. Nevertheless, there was generally a very strong situation in terms of frequency (the current phase is, at least from an energetic point of view, more intense than it has been for a long time - based on July/August/September 2018).

Opportunities to better process strong electromagnetic influences

Electromagnetic influencesCorresponding high-energy days, of which there have been many recently, also serve our own mental and spiritual development (of course, every day/moment serves our own further development, but this circumstance is particularly pronounced on correspondingly high-frequency days) . One could also say that these days are all about transformation and purification. For this reason we can also become aware of some new things on such days and experience a life circumstance in which we are confronted with our own state of being, especially with regard to shadowy aspects of our state of being. As a result, we feel the urge within us to manifest change (creating a high-frequency state of consciousness). The manifestation of an overarching goal, i.e. the opening of our hearts and an associated experience of more love (self-love), is therefore massively accelerated on appropriate days (because such days, as already mentioned, prompt us to manifest a "more balanced" life situation to let become). Nevertheless, such high-frequency days can be very nerve-wracking and can be perceived as exhausting. Whether headaches, tiredness, a lack of life energy or even lethargic and depressive moods, these days often lead to exhausting circumstances (the old wants to be "let go/be let go", - out of the shadows into the light, - accept the new) . But what can we do about it? How can we better deal with the strong energetic influences? How can we better integrate these energies? Well, I have already given tips on this a few times and basically everyone has to find out for themselves what helps them best. However, there are ways that everyone can help. For example, if we notice that we find it difficult to deal with the influences and that we may feel exhausted, then rest is appropriate.

If we find out for ourselves that the strong energetic influences are burdening us, yes, they are even really getting to us, then we should give in to the rest and let relaxation prevail..!!

We should then devote ourselves to meditation (which does not necessarily mean going into the lotus position, - meditation means thinking/contemplating), i.e. we should simply rest and calmly about our life, about current events, the world or even think about happy things. For example, if I notice myself that I'm not feeling too well because of it, then I like to go outside and let the warming rays of the sun affect me (if this is not covered by the cloud carpets caused by Haarp).

Surrender to the calm

Surrender to the calmUltimately, certain moments also correspond to a form of meditation and not only allow me to calm down, but also to become more attentive. In that regard, we should always harness the sun as a source of energy for us. In this regard, there is hardly anything more inspiring than surrendering to the sun. Many people often underestimate the healing influences of the sun, some even associate this source of power with skin cancer and other diseases. However, the sun does not create diseases, it cures many more diseases (which does not mean that sensitive people should stay in the sun for too long, one should of course avoid burns, as well as sunscreen, which in turn brings countless disadvantages to our skin , – natural sunscreen: hemp oil, coconut oil and co.). You could also go into nature and relax a little there. For example, one could just sit in a forest (in a comfortable spot) and enjoy the natural sounds, smells and colors of nature. Not indulging in mental overload and pushing worries aside can also be helpful. The focus should then be more in the present, which allows us to avoid mental chaos. A natural diet would then also be an advantage, because that way we support our body in absorbing strong energetic influences and can process and integrate such strong influences much better. Plenty of fresh water (preferably spring water or energized water) would also be highly recommended.

Everyone deals with electromagnetic influences in a different way. While one person feels different and very lethargic, another person could be just so full of energy..!! 

Apart from that, exercise could also do us good, for example longer walks in nature. In this context, it should also be said that exercise is generally very healthy and that it not only benefits our own constitution, but also our own mental quality. Sometimes apart from the fact that one joins the flow of life and follows the universal laws of movement, vibration and rhythms. And if none of this should help, then we should at least become aware that our own suffering or even our own current shadowy circumstance, especially on energetically strong days, only serves our own development and allows us to feel feelings that are ours own missing (temporary) divine connection, but still benefit us. Well then, in the following video linked below, the soul therapist gives Janine Wagner also gives some tips and explains how to deal with strong electromagnetic influences. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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