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Judgments are more relevant today than ever. We humans are conditioned from the ground up in such a way that we immediately condemn or smile at many things that do not correspond to our own inherited world view. As soon as someone expresses an opinion or expresses a world of ideas that seems foreign to oneself, an opinion that does not correspond to one's own world view, it is mercilessly frowned upon in many cases. We point the finger at other people and discredit them for their totally individual view of life. But the problem is that judgments, firstly, massively restrict one's own mental abilities and, secondly, are deliberately desired by various authorities.

Human Guardians – How our subconscious is conditioned!!

Human GuardiansMan is fundamentally selfish and thinks only of his own good. This deceptive view is pushed upon us as children and ultimately leads to us legitimizing a misguided philosophy in our own minds at a young age. In this world we are raised to be egoists and learn from a very early age not to question things, but rather to smile at knowledge that does not correspond to our own worldview. These judgments then create an internally accepted exclusion from other people who represent a completely different philosophy of life. This problem is very present today and can be found everywhere. The individual opinions of the people differ greatly and quarrels, exclusions and hatred arise among themselves. I have also often been able to get to know such judgments on my website. I write an article about a relevant topic, philosophize a little about it and every now and then a person comes along who cannot identify with my content, a person who does not represent my ideas and then talks about it in a derogatory way. Sentences like: “What nonsense that would be or mental diarrhea, in the early days someone even wrote that people like me should be burned at the stake” occur again and again (even if these tend to be exceptions). Basically I have no problem with it myself. If someone makes fun of my content or insults me because of it, then that is not a problem for me, on the contrary, I value every person no matter what they may think about me. Nonetheless, it seems that these deep-rooted judgments come with some self-imposed burdens. On the one hand, it is important to know that various authorities ensure that we humans automatically display a judgmental attitude and that humanity is divided in this context.

Your own conditioned worldview – defense of the system

conditioned worldviewWe often talk about human guardians who subconsciously take action against anyone who does not correspond to their own world view. This methodology is also used specifically to protect the current system. Elitist authorities protect the political, industrial, economic and media systems with all their might and control people's consciousness using a variety of means. We are kept in an artificially created or energetically dense state of consciousness and automatically go against anyone who holds an opinion that does not correspond to the well-being of the system. In this context, the word conspiracy theory is used again and again. This word ultimately comes from psychological warfare and was developed by the CIA to specifically denounce people who doubted Kennedy's assassination theory at the time. Today, this word is rooted in the subconscious of many people. You are triggered by it and as soon as a person expresses a theory that would be sustainable for the system or if someone represents an opinion that completely contradicts your own view of life, it is automatically referred to as a conspiracy theory. Due to the conditioned subconscious, you then react with rejection of the corresponding view and thus act not in your own interest, but in the interest of the system, or the people pulling the strings behind the system. This is one of the biggest problems in our society today, because you miss the chance to form your own completely free opinion. Furthermore, one only narrows one's own intellectual horizon and keeps oneself captive in an ignorant frenzy. But in order to be able to form your own free opinion, to be able to fully exploit the potential of your own consciousness, it is important to deal with knowledge that does not correspond to your own worldview without prejudice. For example, how are you supposed to expand your own consciousness or massively change your own state of consciousness when you strictly reject knowledge from the ground up or even frown upon it?

Every person is a unique universe!!!

Only when you manage to study both sides of a coin completely without prejudice will it be possible to form a free, well-founded opinion. Apart from that, no one has the right to judge another person's life or thoughts. We are all people living together on one planet. Our goal should be to live together in harmony like a big family. But such a plan cannot be put into practice if, as was the case during the Second World War, other people are still being discredited for their existence. Ultimately, this circumstance can only be changed if we ourselves manage to experience inner peace again, if we stop laughing at other people's thoughts and instead appreciate each person for their unique and individual expression. Ultimately, every human being is a unique being, an immaterial expression of an all-encompassing consciousness that writes its own fascinating story. For this reason, we should put aside all our own judgments and start loving our neighbors again, this is the only way to pave the way for our inner peace to inspire people's hearts again. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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