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The first detoxification diary ends with this diary entry. For 7 days I tried to detoxify my body, with the goal of freeing myself from all addictions that burden and dominate my current state of consciousness. This project was anything but easy and I had to suffer small setbacks again and again. Ultimately, the last 2-3 days in particular were really difficult, which in turn was due to a broken sleep rhythm. We always created the videos until late in the evening and then each time went to sleep in the middle of the night or early in the morning at the end.  Because of this, the last few days have been extremely difficult. You can find out exactly what happened on the sixth and seventh day in the following diary entry!

My detox diary 

Day 6-7

Detox Day - SunriseThe sixth day of the detox was by far the most disastrous. Due to an extremely long night, we decided to stay up all night. In this context, we considered for a long time whether we should actually put this into practice. After all, the following day would be extremely difficult and the danger of suddenly being able to fall asleep due to the extreme tiredness was enormous. If we fell asleep around noon or in the afternoon, the rhythm would be completely out of control. Nevertheless, we decided to take this step because otherwise we would have slept until 15 p.m. and the vicious cycle would have never ended. So we stayed up all night. As the morning broke, we realized how beautiful this time of day is. The sun rose over the trees, the birds were chirping and we realized that we had been missing this beautiful natural spectacle for months, day after day. To experience the morning in its full splendor is something special, something that we have always wanted to experience. Then the morning flew by and I drove to the training in the morning, which demanded everything from me. I was totally exhausted, short of breath, but in the end I was happy to have done the training.

We bravely fought the tiredness but finally managed to resist falling asleep..!!

In the hours that followed, when we got back home, we fought bravely against the tiredness. It demanded everything from us, but we made it, we didn't go to bed and survived the lunchtime. Of course, my detoxification completely fell by the wayside. I didn't make breakfast or lunch as usual, didn't drink tea, and was otherwise unable to continue the detox. The only thing I consumed that day was 2-3 coffees and a cheese roll.

The new main goal was now to get into a reasonable sleep rhythm in order to be able to achieve a more balanced mental state again..!!

But at the end of the day I didn't care, the detox would have to wait, it was now much more important to get back into a healthy sleep rhythm. So we lay down relatively early. Lisa at 21pm and me at 00pm. We fell asleep right away and got up the following day, on the seventh day, around 22:00 am. It was finally done, we managed to normalize our sleeping rhythm again. Of course we had to keep it up, but we were now full of energy, full of energy and happy about this success. Lack of sleep and a bad sleep rhythm is probably something that puts a massive strain on your own psyche and throws your own mind completely out of balance.

The conclusion

That's why the days were worth their weight in gold despite the setbacks, because that's when we really realized how broken the unbalanced sleeping rhythm had made us all these months. It was 7 extremely instructive days in which we learned a lot. We now felt the importance of a healthy sleeping rhythm, learned a lot about creating videos, about preparing new dishes and, above all, we learned a lot about our own bodies, about our own perception of different foods. Furthermore, we still felt the positive effects of doing without or a natural diet and above all the effects of energetically dense foods that I ate in between during the detoxification period. After a few days of abstinence, you can feel the massive effects of these toxins. For this reason, the whole time was not a setback and was not in any way pointless. It was a time when we learned a lot and, above all, learned how to better organize such a detoxification in the future.

A second detox diary will follow soon, this time everything will be much more well thought out..!!

A second detox diary will therefore be created in the near future. But this time everything will be carefully planned. This detox diary was created out of a spontaneous intention, but a lot went wrong because of it. Well then, we would like to thank all the readers who followed this diary every day and also watched the videos, people who were possibly inspired by it or even got the motivation from it to put such a detoxification into action. With this in mind, we say good night, it's 23:40 p.m., it's definitely time!!! Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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