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For 5 days now I have been doing a detoxification, a change in diet to cleanse my body, my current state of consciousness, which also goes hand in hand with a complete renunciation of all dependencies that dominate my mind. The last few days were partly successful but also partly extremely difficult, which was not least due to the fact that I stayed up all night during this time due to the creation of the video diary, which caused my sleep rhythm to get completely out of control. The 5th day was very problematic and the permanent lack of sleep put a heavy strain on my own psyche. My girlfriend and I had a lot to do and could hardly relax because of the video creation.

My detox diary

Day 5

sleep deprivationThe fifth day of detoxification started off rather mixed. Due to a long night before, we didn't wake up until around midday and were therefore quite exhausted by the disturbed sleep rhythm. Nevertheless, after a healthy “breakfast” we were quickly full of energy and had a lot planned. We wanted to start making the video, but due to a last-minute change in plans, it didn't happen. So we couldn't make videos from 15 p.m. to 00 p.m. and my diet fell by the wayside. After these 19 hours we started creating it. At the same time, I created two more articles, a detoxification diary entry and, if I'm not mistaken, an article about the influence of one's own self state of consciousness over time. So an evening turned into a night. We worked on the video until 6 a.m. and then wanted to go to bed completely exhausted. But what about our sleep rhythm? If we were to lie down now, nothing would change this misery. We would then definitely sleep again until 14:00 or 15:00 p.m. and the vicious cycle would continue. We felt that this unbalanced sleep rhythm was wearing on our nerves and that we were becoming more and more out of balance internally. As a result, we became more and more demotivated, weaker-willed and increasingly felt physically weaker. That night we really realized how important a regular sleep rhythm is for your own mind.

Due to strong inner restlessness, a change was needed, something that could normalize our sleep rhythm again..!!

So a change was needed, something that could normalize our sleep rhythm again. So we decided to stay awake all night in hopes of going to bed early the next night in hopes of getting back into a healthy sleep pattern. How it all went down, what exactly happened, whether we stuck with it and whether it ultimately achieved anything will be found out in the next and final diary entry.


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