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Due to years of poor nutrition, I figured that I would completely detoxify my body to firstly get rid of my addictions, addictions that are currently dominating my mind or limit my own mental abilities, and secondly, to get my health in shape and third, to achieve a perfectly lucid state of consciousness. Putting such a detox into action is anything but easy. In today's world we are dependent on a wide variety of foods, are addicted to tobacco, coffee, alcohol, medicines or other toxic substances. Due to these dependencies, we are usually very sluggish, tired, unmotivated and feel a lack of zest for life, even if we often do not notice this, since this condition is normal for many people.

My detox diary

Day 3 – The energy down

So after 2 strenuous days, the third day of my detoxification/diet change began. This one was anything but easy. At first everything went as usual. We woke up very late due to a previous long night, then went into the kitchen and made our food as usual. This time there was oatmeal with oat milk, an orange + banana and a little cinnamon. Afterwards I made myself a pot of green tea and we headed into town as we had a few things to do. When we arrived in town, we later walked past a shelf full of energy drinks. There was a special variety there that we really wanted to try weeks before. That's why we bought 2 of them. I thought to myself, no matter, I can tolerate one, it won't be that bad. My greed was also the reason why we got two of them; I could have had a sip from her too.

The energy drink caused a strong inner imbalance in me..!!

However, things turned out differently and after 3 days of detoxification I treated myself to a Rockstar Energy Drink. To be honest, I didn't like the energy at all, the taste was just extremely sweet and very artificial. Anything but a tasty drink. Still, that didn't stop me from drinking the energy completely, what a contradiction.

Nevertheless, I was happy about this experience, because it showed me once again how much these drinks cloud your own state of consciousness..!!

A short time after drinking the Energy, I sat down at my PC and created a new article. I suddenly had severe mood swings. I felt exhausted, tired, drained, noticed a growing inner imbalance and became very moody. It was difficult for me to concentrate and suddenly I realized how strong the negative effects of these energy drinks are.

My detox continued nonetheless

Before detoxification, such a state was normal for me, but after 3 days of detoxification, I noticed the fatal effects of this devil's stuff. I think that apart from the low vibrational frequencies of the drink, which in turn reduced my vibrational state, the extremely high sugar content caused my insulin level to shoot up for a short time, but then it plummeted again. 60 grams of sugar that clouded my consciousness. Ultimately, I was happy that I was able to have this experience, because it made me realize again how negative the influence of such drinks is. The following evening, however, this “sin” remained. I made myself a pot of chamomile tea and at the same time prepared a vegetable stir-fry consisting of mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. There was also a portion of quinoa seeds and a glass of barley grass.

The vegetable stir fry + quinoa seeds ultimately made me feel fitter again..!!

My energy came back, I was full and, above all, happy that I had survived the energy down. We then worked on creating the video, uploaded it to YouTube and thus ended a day full of ups and downs, a tiring day that was nevertheless very instructive in its own special way.

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