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In the 3 article of my detox diary (Part 1 - Preparation, Part 2 – A busy day), I reveal to you how the second day of my detoxification/diet change went. I'll give you a very precise insight into my everyday life and show you how my progress is with regard to detoxification. As already mentioned, my goal is to free myself from all my addictions that I have been addicted to for countless years. Today's humanity lives in a world in which it is permanently triggered in different ways with addictive substances of all kinds. We are surrounded by energetically dense food, tobacco, coffee, alcohol - drugs, medication, fast food and all of these things dominate our own mind. For this reason, I have decided to renounce all these things in order to bring about a further development of my current state of consciousness on the basis of this renunciation. The realization of a completely clear state of consciousness.

My detox diary

Day 2 – Between chop and tofu

GarlicThe second day demanded a lot from me and I was always on the verge of abandoning the whole thing. Basically the day started harmlessly. At 4am I went to bed the night before. It was actually planned that my girlfriend would drive to me that night, arrive at 7 a.m. and then we would sleep together. But I didn't wake up due to the lack of sleep and didn't hear the doorbell ringing and countless calls, which is why my girlfriend had to wait at the door for over an hour. However, at some point this was noticed and I was snapped out of my dreams. We stayed awake until 1 a.m. until we both finally fell asleep. At 2 o'clock we went down for lunch. My addictive cravings were immediately triggered massively because my mother made cutlets with potatoes and Brussels sprouts. The smell drove me crazy and I found it extremely difficult to resist. In the end I managed not to be seduced and instead made myself a portion of oatmeal with oat milk, an apple and cinnamon. To my surprise, this combination tasted delicious and I was happy afterwards that I was brave and didn't eat the chop. Afterwards we took a short nap.

Towards the afternoon I felt a strong down feeling, the effects of withdrawal..!!

After sleep I made myself a small portion of Brussels sprouts + potatoes, ate an orange and made myself some nettle tea. Everything was going well, but after a few hours I suddenly became extremely weak. A down feeling reached me and I felt extremely bad, exhausted and felt the consequences of the withdrawal. I started having cravings for all kinds of unhealthy foods, coffee, cigarettes, energy drinks, and was on the verge of breaking off the detox.

Even though the second day was extremely difficult, I still finished it successfully and was ultimately happy that I didn't stop the detoxification!!

In the end, I got through this phase of exhaustion and got a little fitter again. So I went downstairs and made tofu with onions, chives, toasted walnuts, garlic, sea salt and turmeric. At the same time, I also made myself a chamomile tea and successfully continued my detoxification. We then created the video until late at night, ending a difficult day that, to my surprise, was very successful in the end. 

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