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In my last article I have already mentioned that due to years of unhealthy lifestyle, I will finally change my diet, detoxify my body and, at the same time, free myself from all the addictions I am currently dependent on. After all, in today's material world, most people are addicted to some thing/addiction. Apart from the fact that some people are often dependent on other people because of a lack of self-love, I am primarily referring to everyday dependencies, addictions that in turn dominate our own mind. We are addicted to chemically contaminated foods, flavor enhancers, sweeteners, artificial flavors, trans fats (fast foods), “foods” that contain high amounts of sugar, and countless other foods whose energetic state vibrates at a low vibrational frequency.

My detox diary

That's why I've set myself the goal of finally freeing myself from all these addictions. All my life I was dependent on various energetically dense foods, ate a lot of fast food, consumed countless animal products, smoked a lot, consumed a lot of coffee + energy drinks, and for a while I even smoked a lot of cannabis, which was fortunately hasn't been an issue for a long time. Well, in the end, due to the spiritual/intellectual change that I went through almost 3 years ago - until today, all of these dependencies crystallized into an inner imbalance that took a toll on my own mental state. detoxificationOver time, I realized that all these addictions made me duller at the end of the day, limited my state of consciousness and, apart from that, put a lot of strain on my psyche. My actions were no longer aligned with my goals, my heart's desires, and my soul's calling. This circumstance changed my own mind and day by day I became weaker-willed, more unable to carry out all my plans. That's why a change had to be made and that's why I thought that I would implement a complete detoxification, a change in diet, which I would document on YouTube.

The effects of a natural diet on your own state of consciousness are enormous!!

The effects of such a change are enormous. You feel more alive, more energetic, happier, more joyful, clearer and thereby experience a massive increase/expansion of your own state of consciousness. It also gives you a sense of clarity that is unlike anything else in the world.

The detoxification has begun and with it began a strenuous morning..!!

That's why I've now started the detoxification and dared to jump into the cold water, into a completely new state of consciousness. As mentioned, I filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to YouTube. For 7 days I will document this change and show you the effects of such a detoxification.

Day 1 – A busy day

detoxificationTo my surprise, I survived the first day relatively well. However, due to a previous night when I had little sleep, the morning was anything but pleasant. I woke up confused and panicked, immediately craving coffee and cigarettes. Not a nice feeling. But as the day goes on, my attitude improves, my willpower becomes stronger and I manage to give up all the addictions that have burdened me for years. Instead of toast with salami, there was now tofu with rice, broccoli, chives and roasted walnuts. I seasoned my food with sea salt, turmeric and black pepper. In the evening I ate another slice of brown bread with coconut oil and chives. Otherwise I added 3 pots of tea (green tea/nettle tea/camomile tea). Of course, this was only the first day and that is by no means everything.

The beginning was extremely important and marked the start of a new state of consciousness..!!

But it was an important start, from which I was able to draw a lot of motivation in retrospect. A feeling of strong euphoria returned to my conscious state and with this feeling of joy, I created the video, uploaded it to YouTube, laid down and thus completed the first day of my detox.

Tomorrow I will continue with my next diary entry..!!

I'm curious to see what will happen in the next few days, how noticeable my mental change will be and, above all, whether I can maintain this motivation, this feeling of willpower and joy. In this sense I hope that you liked the first diary entry. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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