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Humanity has been undergoing a massive spiritual shift for several years, a quantum leap into awakening that will open our eyes and catapult us into a completely new era. During this time, humanity is again autodidactically exploring its own origins, intensively dealing with the big questions of life, finding its way back to nature, identifying more strongly with its own soul and understanding again that there is much more hidden behind life , than previously assumed. The uncovering of our system, which consists of disinformation, is also necessarily linked to this further development of the collective state of consciousness. In this context, more and more people are getting a deep look behind the scenes and understanding again what is really going on on our planet.

A deep look behind the scenes

The states, politicians, system media, industries and banks do not serve our well-being in this respect, but they have established an energetically dense system or maintain an energetically dense system that consists of disinformation, lies and half-truths. In their eyes, we humans are merely human capital, mental slaves who pay taxes, which in turn finance terrorist attacks (the last terrorist attacks, especially the attacks in Europe, were planned, financed and carried out by powerful rulers), weapons and other things , which benefit the puppet state. For this reason we also live in a meritocracy, in a cold predatory capitalism, in which the development of our own egoistic mind is promoted and the mental abilities of every human being are deliberately made small or suppressed. People judge each other and have forgotten how to behave like brothers, like a big family. Instead, one judges people, or rather the world of thoughts of other people, reduces their lives to a minimum and ridicules everything that does not correspond to their own conditioned and inherited worldview. However, this situation is currently changing and more and more people are understanding what is really going on here, recognizing the deliberate suppression of their own spirit.

More and more people deal with the consciously produced chaos in the world, get a look behind the scenes and rebel against the system..!!

For this reason, more and more people are currently appearing who are publicly expressing their opinion and drawing attention to this huge grievance. In this regard, I have now discovered another video on the net that has it all. This video reveals the current chaotic planetary state of affairs in an illuminating and exciting way. It is explained exactly what is going wrong in this world and why this is wanted. A video that I can highly recommend to you!!!

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