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In today's world, many people, whether consciously or unconsciously, are subject to a certain lack of thinking. In doing so, one's own attention is largely directed to circumstances or states that one lacks or which one assumes that one urgently needs for the development of one's own happiness in life. We then often allow ourselves to be guided by our own lack thinking paralyze and no longer manage to act from current structures.

The consequences of our state of deficiency

The consequences of our state of deficiencyAs a result, we miss the opportunity to create a reality that in turn is characterized by abundance instead of lack. Ultimately, this is also an essential factor that is often disregarded in the law of resonance, because without our doing or without our present action (action - initiating changes) it will be difficult to let corresponding circumstances become manifest (ultimately it is also This is possible, but requires an extremely high level of maturity and development, both intellectually and mentally/morally - key word: complete manifestation and identification with one's own divine self). Instead of remedying our own deficiencies, we remain in our own deficiencies and subsequently generate further deficiencies, i.e. we direct our attention (energy always follows our own attention), day-to-day, to conditions that we do not have, instead of correcting them To work in the absence of or even to change our spiritual orientation through active action. In the same way, it is difficult for us to focus on abundance in corresponding life situations. We can then look at our life situation from a different perspective with difficulty and continue to feel our frequency of lack. But ultimately it depends on us from which perspectives we look at life. We can see something harmonious or even disharmonious in everything, we can look at a situation from the point of view of abundance or from the point of view of lack. Can view circumstances as a burden or as an opportunity.

Everything is energy and there is nothing more to say about it. When you tune into the frequency of reality you seek, you cannot prevent it from manifesting. It cannot be otherwise. That's not philosophy. That's physics. - Albert Einstein..!!

Of course, there are extremely precarious circumstances in life that prevent a corresponding change in our perspective, no question, but overall we have countless, even infinite possibilities available through which we can not only change our spiritual orientation, but also manifest abundance again can.

Reverse our state of deficiency - come back into abundance

Reverse our state of deficiencyIn this context, it is also important to understand that our life is a product of our own mind and that we are responsible for our own deficiencies as a result. For this reason, only we ourselves can remedy this deficiency. Changing the frequency of our own mental state is therefore crucial to manifesting abundance again, and it does so in a number of ways. On the one hand by changing our own perspective, i.e. we could try to look at our circumstances from a different perspective (which could give us strength), or by acting accordingly within the present, through which we in turn automatically direct our gaze to abundance. For example, if you have been ill for a long time and want to be healthy again (want to be healthy), then it is important to take appropriate steps that not only make your body healthy again, but also automatically align your consciousness with health. For example, if you know that a natural/alkaline diet can cure cancer, then your feelings about your condition may change if you implement that diet. After a few days, especially after a few weeks, you would then have the belief within you that your body is in the process of getting well, that your cells are healing and you are getting well, which in turn would have an incredibly positive influence on your own immune system. Ultimately, however, our own actions would also be decisive in such a situation, i.e. actions that change our own inner attitude.

You will always draw into your life what corresponds to the frequency at which your state of consciousness vibrates, which is why it is imperative in deficiencies to change your own frequency through active action and changing your own attitude of mind..!!

The use of an opportunity by which we can leave our state of deficiency and drastically change our own frequency state for the better. Ultimately, by doing so, we would draw into our own lives a correspondingly harmonious, in this case a healthy physical/mental state, due to the Law of Resonance.

Understand the law of resonance

Understand the law of resonanceThe law also states that like attracts like or that we draw into our lives what corresponds to our own frequency – our own feelings. Imagining that you are healthy or will be healthy again can of course be momentarily uplifting and also give us hope, but it does not change our basic feeling (our fundamental frequency), which is still anchored in our subconscious and us in most situations would make it clear that we are not healthy but sick. Only through active action, preferably through initial (detailed) information about the fact that every disease can be cured, through the acquisition of knowledge about a healing diet and natural remedies/healing methods (there are suitable healing substances in nature for every disease! !!) and through a subsequent strict application of the diet/remedies, our feelings or our spiritual orientation would change, whereby the law of resonance, due to the new belief, gives us the corresponding reality. The law of resonance simply requires appropriate action, at least in such cases. Of course, the law also takes effect in other ways. For example, if you feel a strong lack in you at a moment, and are even in a bad mood as a result, then you will subsequently look at life from this view and then in all other situations "that you encounter", your lack, triggered by recognize your feeling of dissatisfaction (you immediately attract more lack or dissatisfaction because you look at all life situations from these feelings).

Problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them. - Albert Einstein..!!

For this reason, the world is not the way it is, but always the way we ourselves are. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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