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We are currently in a very special time, a time that is accompanied by constant increases in vibrational frequency. These high incoming frequencies transport old mental problems, trauma, mental conflicts and karmic baggage into our daily consciousness, prompting us to dissolve them in order to then be able to create more space for a positive spectrum of thoughts. In this context, the vibrational frequency of the collective state of consciousness adapts to that of the earth, whereby open spiritual wounds are exposed more than ever. Only when we let go of our past in this regard, eliminate/transform old karmic patterns and work through our own mental problems again, will it be possible to remain permanently in a high frequency. We humans go through different phases of enlightenment, expansions of consciousness of varying intensity and thus move towards an embodiment of our higher self.

The embodiment of our higher self

Mental developmentOf course, this process does not happen overnight, but it takes a lot of time, usually even several years, until you can realize a 100% positive alignment of your own state of consciousness again (only from a positively aligned mind can a positive reality emerge , only then will it be possible to permanently attract abundance into your own life). In the first few years you are still in the beginnings of spiritual awakening. You suddenly realize that there is much more to life and begin to question your own life again. Afterwards you gain countless self-knowledges, followed by new beliefs, convictions and views on life, which in turn completely turn your own world view upside down. At the same time, however, you are usually paralyzed due to this overstimulation - due to all the incoming information. You find it difficult to apply all of your new self-knowledge with ease and as a result you exhibit very changeable behavior. On the one hand, you deal extensively with your own mind, become aware that you can create a positive life with the help of your own mental imagination, but you still legitimize some mental problems and inconsistencies in your own mind again and again. In exactly the same way, this process also deals with the true background of the current chaotic planetary circumstance. You understand again what is really going on on this planet, you recognize the energetically dense system that was created by powerful rich families, is covered and supported by politicians, and you can no longer identify with it in any way.

In the process of spiritual awakening you go through several phases, over time your own higher self crystallizes more and more, out of the shadow of your own self-imposed blockages and beliefs..!!

For this reason, people deal with this issue a lot, complain about this circumstance, about this consciously created injustice, but are still unable to act somewhere (a small note, it is important to know that this process corresponds to the rule, but there are exceptions). But it happens again and again, but as we all know, the exception also proves the rule).

May Portals – Special Transition

Special transitionWell, it's now 2017 and the phase of initial spiritual awakening, the phase of inability to act and dreaming is slowly coming to an end. To be honest, we are in the middle of this transition and we are gradually growing beyond ourselves, beginning to embody our own higher self more fully. In this regard, the year 2017 has often been cited as a key year, a year in which the subtle war (ego vs soul, darkness vs light, low frequency vs high frequency, negative thoughts vs positive thoughts) is said to reach its peak, what which in turn is also strongly noticeable on the outside, in our external world (it storms on many levels of existence). Nevertheless, these unrest are only a reflection of the inner imbalance of the collective state of consciousness, unrest that will soon subside. In this context, May in particular was announced as a month in which a drastic change should take place. This turning point ultimately heralds a massive further development of our own mental and spiritual state. Many people are now starting to dissolve the blockages and boundaries they have created themselves and are actively starting to create a life that completely corresponds to their own ideas. This turning point can therefore be perceived as very painful for some, because it is precisely at this time (in order to be able to create space for the incoming high frequencies) that they are confronted with their own inner imbalance in a brutal way. As for me personally, I have found this week to be extremely stressful, but also very successful. This week I was able to do a lot of things that I would otherwise put aside for months or even years.

The last week was completely atypical for me personally and completely different than anything else in the previous weeks. I was able to make a small personal change, saw certain things from completely different eyes and felt a drive for action within me that I had never known before..!!

I was able to concentrate much better on my life, my work and, above all, on my own mind. Overall, I was much more productive, more focused and highly motivated. I haven't had a feeling like that in a long time. I really felt that there was a lot going on behind the scenes and that the long-awaited change was finally taking place. A unique feeling, a unique week, a unique time. But the whole thing doesn't end yet, on the contrary, it's just the beginning of something much bigger. This weekend the process of spiritual awakening should really move forward in this regard. One also speaks here of a special transition, of a “portal opening”, which will ultimately generate a very high vibration environment.

The next few days are essential and can initiate an extremely important change within us. It depends on us to what extent we engage with these high energies and what benefits we derive from them..!! 

3 days on which a particularly high level of cosmic radiation will reach us, which will in turn initiate a massive transformation, a change that will transport us humans to a new level. These days will then be accompanied by 2 further portal days (May 23rd - 24th), which will also contribute their part to this personal transformation. Finally, on May 25th we will reach the fifth new moon of this year, which will once again create perfect conditions for a new beginning. For this reason, we should keep our eyes open and warmly welcome the coming days. We can now achieve a lot in our lives and lay a new, important foundation, can change the direction of our own minds more easily than ever and can now finally realize thoughts/dreams that may have lingered in our subconscious for countless years. With this in mind, I say goodbye to you, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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