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The power of one's own mind is limitless, so ultimately the entire life of a person is just a projection + a result of their own state of consciousness. With our thoughts we create our own life, we can act in a self-determined manner and subsequently also deny our further path in life. But there is still a far greater potential slumbering in our thoughts, and it is also possible to develop so-called magical abilities. Whether telekinesis, teleportation or even telepathy, at the end of the day they are all impressive skills, that lie deep within every human being and can be developed again. These abilities are not science fiction, but rather an opportunity that we can choose when we go beyond our own, self-imposed limits.

Magical Abilities: The Art of Telekinesis

As far as this is concerned, I once wrote an article on this topic in which I explain how one can develop “magical abilities” again or this article should be viewed as a small guide that gives direction in this regard: The Force Awakens - The Rediscovery of Magical Abilities. This article is intended for all of you who may be very skeptical about the topic, have little knowledge or ideas about it and need basic information about it; it is definitely worth reading. Well then, what are magical abilities and, above all, what is telekinesis? Telekinesis ultimately means the ability to levitate or move various objects using one's own thoughts. Imagine you want to make a glass move using just your mind. If you were able to do this, it would be due to your telekinetic abilities. As far as this is concerned, these abilities lie dormant in every person. Basically, these abilities are even present, they are available to us and are just waiting to be activated and lived by us again. Of course, this is not an easy undertaking. On the one hand, in order to achieve this again, we have to go beyond our own self-imposed limits. If we are skeptical, not convinced and simply do not believe in it, then there is no way that training these skills will work. Namely, we cannot realize anything in our own state of consciousness that we are not convinced of, something that does not exist in our own state of consciousness. Afterwards it is important to cleanse your own mind/body/spirit system.

The clearer our own mind is, the purer our own mind/body/soul system is and the higher the frequency of our own state of consciousness (a permanent feeling of peace, harmony and balance), the easier it will be for us to have magical abilities to learn again..!!

The higher the vibration frequency of our own state of consciousness, the better the energetic flow works in our energetic body, the easier it will be to develop this ability, because we simply have significantly more life energy and focus, which we can use for this purpose. Another important step, which is not necessarily linked to the previous point, would be natural, continuous training. The longer we practice telekinesis, the longer we focus on it, and the longer we practice making things levitate, the more likely it will work. Of course, the clearer we are and the higher the vibration frequency of our own state of consciousness, the faster our training will bear fruit.

Faith can move mountains. For this reason, faith and your own convictions are essential in order to be able to develop magical abilities again..!!

However, as a rule, it won't be easy for most people, as we have simply been so strongly influenced by today's society that, firstly, we automatically reject everything that does not correspond to our own conditioned view of the world and, secondly, we believe in many abstract things or have lost things that we cannot explain to ourselves. The most important step at the beginning is to understand again that everything is possible, that we can realize everything we want and that limits only arise in our own mind. For all those who are very interested in this topic, I found an interesting video here from a YouTuber who claims to have telekinetic abilities and demonstrates this in an impressive and credible way. Unfortunately, embedding this video is disabled, which is why I can only link the video via text link. Nevertheless, I can highly recommend the video to you. Be sure to take a look at it and let me know what you think of it and, above all, whether you have ever had any experiences with “supernatural” abilities yourself. Click here for the video: Telekinesis tutorial : )

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