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The Maca plant is a superfood that has been cultivated in the higher altitudes of the Peruvian Andes for around 2000 years and is often used as a medicinal plant due to its highly potent ingredients. In the past few decades, Maca was relatively unknown and only used by a few people. Today the situation is different and more and more people are taking advantage of the beneficial and healing spectrum of effects of the magic tuber. On the one hand, the tuber is used as a natural aphrodisiac and is therefore used in naturopathy for potency and libido problems, on the other hand, Maca is often used by athletes to increase their performance. In the following article you will find out why Maca is ultimately becoming more and more popular and why it is advisable to supplement it.

The magic tuber rich in vital substances

maca powderSuperfoods are foods or dietary supplements that have an extremely high spectrum of natural minerals, vitamins and other highly potent substances. For this reason, Maca is also one of the superfoods, because this tuber is full of vital substances. On the one hand, Maca has all the essential amino acids and a wealth of non-essential amino acids. On the other hand, Maca is rich in secondary plant substances, countless vitamins, minerals and other trace elements. For this reason, the Maca root also has a very positive influence on the human hormonal balance. It has a positive influence on hormone release in the pituitary gland and ensures that a hormonal balance can develop. In exactly the same way, Maca has a supporting influence on the thyroid gland, increases fertility in men and women, lowers cholesterol levels and improves the overall physical constitution. The extraordinarily high amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and countless essential fatty acids provide the human organism with a lot of energy and can also have a positive effect on the male testosterone release. Due to this fact, Maca is also often advertised as a performance-enhancing preparation in the supplement industry. Countless so-called "testosterone boosters" contain various root extracts and are said to give more strength and support muscle building. At this point it should be said that you should avoid such supplements. In most cases, the Maca levels in these products are very small and the quality is not the best either. There is a huge difference between supplementing capsules that contain minimal amounts of industrially processed maca and supplementing directly with organic maca powder (it would be best to consume the tuber directly, of course).

Maca contains a wealth of B vitamins..!!

Back on topic, the maca root also contains almost all of the B vitamins. Whether vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 or even vitamin B12, which is very beneficial for blood formation, Maca contains a wealth of these B vitamins and therefore has an extremely positive influence on our natural energy production. Maca also contains a large proportion of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. For this reason, Maca, like most superfoods, protects against countless colds, can prevent them and also supports the regeneration of skin cells, blood vessels and bones.

Maca – A powerful aphrodisiac

maca-a-powerful-aphrodisiacApart from the abundance of natural vitamins and minerals, the maca root also has plant sterols, which on the one hand are very similar to the hormone testosterone and beyond stimulate blood flow to the pelvic tissue. This circumstance ultimately leads to the increase in testosterone release in men and the promotion of estrogen formation in women. For this reason, Maca is also ideal as a natural aphrodisiac and can be perfectly supplemented to improve your own potency. An aphrodisiac works differently than you might imagine. From my own experience, I can only say that the aphrodisiac effects do not start immediately, but develop their effect over a long period of time. For example, if you supplement 5-10 grams of high quality maca daily for a long period of time, over time you will find that you feel an increased sex drive. You feel an increased sense of pleasure and feel much more attracted to the opposite sex. In my case, over time I noticed a much more pronounced perception of women and femininity as a whole. The aphrodisiac effect increased my sense of lust and female stimuli exerted a much stronger attraction on me. A nice feeling, which in turn is also due to the increased testosterone production.

Maca is perfect for increasing performance..!!

Ultimately, this is also one aspect of why Maca can be used perfectly to increase performance. If you do sports, especially strength or endurance sports, then it is highly recommended to supplement maca as a natural booster instead of spending tons of money on overpriced supplements that don't even remotely match its effects. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 

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