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Lucid dreams, also known as clear dreams, are dreams in which the dreaming knows that he is dreaming. These dreams exert a tremendous fascination on people, as they feel very intense and allow you to become master of your own dreams. The boundaries between reality and dream seem to merge into one another and one is then able to shape and control one's dream according to one's own ideas. You get a feeling of total freedom and experience limitless light-heartedness. The feeling is very liberating and the nice thing about it is that everyone is able to bring about such a state. Everyone has the ability to dream lucidly and in this post you will learn how to achieve it with simple tips and tricks.

Learn lucid dreaming in no time

Lucid dreamingThe potential to dream lucidly lies dormant in the innermost part of every human being, but only a few know or use this potential. Everyone can dream lucidly, while some people have to learn this ability with different techniques, others have mastered lucid dreaming since childhood (my brother, for example). Personally, I am one of those people who only have lucid dreams from time to time. I usually manage to do this when I lie down and fall asleep about an hour after getting up early. I am generally someone who dreams very intensely and as soon as I lie down and fall asleep after a certain time in the morning, lucid dreaming usually begins. These dreams are then extremely real and can be shaped as you wish. Once I dreamed that I was walking along a random school with my friends and suddenly I realized in the dream that I was dreaming. After I became aware of this in the dream, I immediately jumped up and flew through the air, shortly afterwards I woke up again.

Lucid dreaming can trigger a feeling of limitless freedom..!!

When I woke up again, I felt an infinite freedom within me. Even if the dream only seemed relatively short, there was still enough time to feel a feeling of boundless freedom. In this context, there are various methods to dream lucidly and the following video shows in a clear way how to achieve this goal in the shortest possible time. A "must see" video for everyone who wants to dream lucidly or is generally interested in this topic, highly recommended. 🙂

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