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Oh yes, love is more than a feeling. Everything consists of a cosmic primal energy that manifests itself in various forms. The highest of these forms is the energy of love - the power of connection between all that is. Some describe love as “recognizing the self in the other,” dissolving the illusion of separation. The fact that we perceive ourselves as separate from each other is actually one thing Illusion of the ego, a concept of the mind. An image in our heads that tells us, “There you are, and here I am. I am someone other than you."

Love is more than a feeling

Love is more than a feelingWhen we remove the veil for a moment and look beyond the surface of the forms, we see something deeper in all that is. A present presence that is simultaneously outside of us and inside of us. The life force that is in everything. Loving is immersing yourself in this life force and noticing its omnipresent presence. The cornerstone of all compassion.

Love is the highest energy

Love energy includes all positive qualities like bliss, abundance, health, peace and harmony. She is the force with the highest vibration. I think one thing is clearer than anything else right now: Humanity is at a crossroads. We have to decide whether we want to walk the path of suffering and self-destruction or the path of love, harmony and advancement. The gap between darkness and light has never been so great. If we want to stop self-destruction and walk the path to liberation, there has to be a shift in consciousness. A transformation of consciousness away from destruction and excessive exploitation, towards a consciousness of universal love and wisdom. And you know what? It's up to each and every one of us. No one else will do the work unless we do it. Each of us today has a responsibility to develop a consciousness of love and good nature.

The outside world is a mirror of our state of consciousness - we have to live what we wish for on the outside. We have to BE. Our love is not fleeting..!!

It is stored in the Earth's grid and has an effect on us and everything else. Love is a state of consciousness. Let's dive into this state of consciousness more and more - to create harmony for ourselves, for everyone else and for nature. It is the only way out of suffering.

How you can start TODAY to create love for yourself and others.

1. Light Meditation

light meditationI list this "technique" first because it is very far-reaching and has an effect on all areas of your life. Love manifests on the subtle level as light. Light is an information carrier that can be charged with any properties. In light meditation you visualize forms of light that you absorb and enrich your energy field with them. The light energy can also be projected onto other people or places. Since a more detailed description would go beyond the scope, you can find it on my own website here a contribution on visualization techniques and here plus everything you need to know about light meditation. If you want to make it easy for yourself, you can also download a guided light meditation from me free of charge, with which you can achieve complete relaxation in 10 minutes and which strengthens you with new love and vitality: https://www.freudedeslebens.de/

2. Hug someone who isn't expecting it! 🙂

hugsJust thinking about it makes me smile. Men in particular usually have a problem showing their feelings. The energy is all the stronger when the inhibition is then suddenly broken. Very interesting to watch how two "tough" men suddenly hug each other! The next time you meet someone you love from the bottom of your heart, just give them a gentle, gentle hug. No “just like that”, it has to come from the heart and there must be a feeling. I know it can take a lot of effort in our civilization, which should really give us food for thought. But afterwards you will feel great and your energy will shine!

3. Give someone a meaningful gift

A give and takeWhen unconditional, gifts are good nature manifested. Someone thinks of you, someone makes an effort for you, someone invests time in you. In many cultures, gifts are an important symbol. Among the Indians, gifts are always given as a sign of friendship and so that everyone can benefit. I don't mean something that just stands around and nobody can use. You should really think about what is missing from the person right now? What is his/her passion, where does the heart rise? There should be no "reasons" for giving. Not "I'm giving you this because you..." but "...because I want you to feel good and you get something out of it."

4. Tell someone what they do well, where their talents lie and encourage them in their dreams

encourage someoneSurely you have already experienced how it feels when someone gives you energy in the form of good encouragement. Such verbal-energetic gifts can give you strength, motivation and new courage to face life. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to start a chain of events. When you inspire someone in their dreams, they get new motivation to use their talents, ideally for the good of all. By doing this you create a lot of positive karma for yourself and for others. Do you know someone who could use some encouragement right now? You could reach out to her and just say, "Hey, I just wanted to say you're doing a really good job. You have a great talent and it's just nice to see you use it. Keep it up! I am behind you."

5. Do something good for yourself and your body - everything comes back to you

Do something good for yourself and your body - everything comes back to youLove is not just related to other people or anything outside. Self love is an important aspect of love. Eat healthy food, breathe fresh air, exercise in nature and use your muscles and tendons. Your body is made for it. Live as nature intended for you as much as possible. Take time out, time to be alone, time to breathe deeply. You can only give what you have. You can only love others one hundred percent if you also love yourself. Find balance in your everyday life. Get rid of substances that make you sick, destroy your aura and cloud your consciousness.

6. Invest your money in peace and development projects instead of pointless consumption

Donate to good causesMoney is a neutral energy. It's in our hands whether we spend it on something meaningless or use it to save the world. I have a couple of aid organizations here that I've been in contact with for a long time and that I can only recommend because the money really gets where it's supposed to.
Animal welfare: https://www.peta.de/
Combating world hunger: https://www.aktiongegendenhunger.de/
Nature conservation and rainforest reforestation: https://www.regenwald.org/

7. Apologize to people you've had a conflict with

ForgivenessIf you haven't already. I know that can also take a lot of effort. Admitting guilt, accepting the mistake and wanting to do better. But it is a great sign of wisdom, love and willingness to learn. Respect to anyone who overcomes their ego and wants to learn from their mistakes. Often we have been carrying around old conflicts with us for ages, unresolved energies that cause problems and blockages subconsciously. Get up and release these old energies consciously! Forgiving and letting go of mistakes is just as important.

8. Live tolerance and compassion - respect the perspectives of others

love and compassionEveryone is at their individual state of consciousness. Everyone sees the world from a different perspective. If we want to create more love in the world, we have to live it - this includes accepting and respecting the opinions of others. We don't always have to convince everyone - when the time is right, information comes automatically. We should respect the choices of others to learn the lesson in a more difficult way. We are free when we no longer have to follow the compulsion to convince others! Those who know their own greatness allow others theirs. I hope so much that I was able to inspire you to build more love and awareness into your life - for yourself, for others, for nature and for transformation. A big THANK YOU also to Yannick, who made it possible for me to publish this post here! Together we can make a difference!
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~ Your Chris from Joy of Life ~

Guest article by Chris Böttcher (joy of life)

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