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Since December 21, 2012, due to newly begun cosmic circumstances, more and more people are experiencing (Galactic pulse beats every 26.000 years - increase in frequency - raising the collective state of consciousness - spread of truth and light/love) an increased spiritual interest and as a result not only deal with their own source, i.e. with their own spirit, their own soul, or rather their innermost being, but at the same time they also develop their own spiritual powers.

Draw life situations and circumstances into your own life

Draw life situations and circumstances into your own lifeIn the process, humanity as a whole becomes more sensitive, spiritual, closer to nature and goes through a complex time of change, in which countless shadow parts are gradually recognized and redeemed (return to the light - return to a higher, more sensitive, more harmonious state of consciousness). As a result, some spiritual practices are discovered that are used to create a certain living condition. However, some of these practices are often misunderstood and do not subsequently lead to the desired success. As far as this is concerned, the topic of visualization comes up again and again. You try to draw corresponding life circumstances into your own life using visual images. One directs one's own focus to a circumstance that one would like to experience, for example a circumstance or a situation in which we receive a larger sum of money and try to bring the corresponding circumstance into our lives with frequent, focused or even "positively charged" imagination pull. However, such a project does not always succeed; many people often even fail and, as a result, label visualization as nonsense. Basically, there is far more behind the visualization and what we want to manifest in our life depends on many different factors. Basically, one should first understand that one always attracts into one's own life what corresponds to one's own charisma or rather one's own thinking.

We do not attract into our lives what we wish for or even what we need, but what we are and what we radiate, that which corresponds to our thinking. A consciousness of scarcity attracts scarcity, a consciousness of abundance attracts abundance. The universe or life does not give us what we wish for, but what we embody, which corresponds to the frequency of our state of consciousness..!!

You attract into life what you are and what you radiate. Someone who suffers from a lack of money and then wants to draw money into their own life via visualization is in all probability acting out of a state of lack consciousness and will therefore only experience further lack. If we feel our self-created lack, consider/feel it as true, then we will usually not attract abundance into our life (a person who uses violence cannot expect/attract peace either - at least as long as violence is present in his mind) .

The big problem with visualization

VisualizationWe desire something, want to possess something and feel empty without this possession. We would therefore like to have something so as not to have to experience any more lack, but because of our embodiment of lack, we attract more lack into our lives. Ultimately, this wish that we usually cling to, i.e. a thought that we cannot let go (lack of conscious presence in the present, persisting in future scenarios) can block us and so we become unable to let actions speak, i.e. we become incapable to take a path that leads us to the corresponding goal (and at the same time also represents the goal - the path is the goal). Especially when it comes to money, due to our material orientation, we often see fulfillment in this energy (money is energy like everything in existence) and thus temporarily lose the ability in the present moment to have abundance, consisting of gratitude, peace, health, love and balance bathing (Of ​​course it should be said at this point that I do not accuse someone who suffers from a very precarious financial situation, who may not have a roof over their head, that the lack of embodiment of abundance would be the main reason for their suffering or their situation... There is simply Circumstances in life that take such a toll on you that it is very difficult to see or embody the light at the end of the horizon, just like having dreams and imagining something that would make you happy, no question, in this one The article is just supposed to be about a fundamental misunderstanding with visualization).

Instead of actively working on the manifestation of a corresponding life circumstance, we prefer to remain in our comfort zone and avoid actively acting within current structures. We dream instead of acting..!!

In itself, abundance is permanently present in our inner being, the same applies to love, both states only have to be lived/unfolded again. Aside from the embodiment of abundance, there is an even more essential aspect that is responsible for the manifestation of corresponding states and that would be our active actions (the creation of completely new living conditions within the present).

How does visualization work?

How does visualization work?Of course, dreaming can be inspiring, but dreaming, especially day-to-day dreaming, doesn't get us what we want to experience. It is not enough to imagine something often enough and then hope for the circumstance to manifest itself. We ourselves have to become more active again and work on the manifestation of the corresponding reality. If we want to experience a circumstance, for example a life situation in which we are financially secure, then we should focus on the goal, should visualize the scenario and then have to walk the path that leads to that circumstance. At the beginning it is advisable to sit down and think about how you could achieve the goal. Our life holds endless possibilities for us and we have to weigh up what possibilities we have, how this goal could be manifested and then work on the implementation of the goal. Imagining something while lying on the couch and hoping that we attract a corresponding circumstance usually does not work (of course there are always exceptions, but that is another topic and would now go beyond the length of this article, keyword: The Abilities of a person who has become the master of his own incarnation, or seemingly “miraculous coincidences”). We have to become active again and work on the manifestation of our imagination.

Visualization alone is not enough. At the end of the day, our own active and, above all, focused actions are important in order to be able to experience/manifest the corresponding circumstances..!!

For example, if a person is in debt and at the same time dreams every day of a life in which he is debt-free, even tries to become debt-free through visualization, then this will usually not succeed. Instead of dreaming, active action is required. Instead of succumbing to a supposed fate, you should take your own fate into your own hands.

The manifestation of corresponding living conditions

VisualizationAnyone who then actively works on a debt-free life, for example by realizing themselves or even pursuing a new job (or a job) with which it is possible to pay off the debts, actively works on the manifestation of the debt-free idea. Apart from that, following this path would change your own attitude. You yourself would be in a more positive mood and would slowly but surely free yourself from an awareness of lack. One would then feel the liberation from debt much more and no longer remain in dreams, which in turn is based on a lack awareness. The same applies, for example, to people who want peace in the world, but at the same time act contrary to peace. One cannot expect or even attract peace through visualization when one is filled with hate inside and acts it out over and over again. Especially as far as the NWO is concerned, many people want a change, long for peace, but act contrary to this peace and legitimize anger at the corresponding system-dominating families (financial elite, Rothschilds and co.) in their own mind. But peace cannot come about like this; peace can only come about when we embody this peace again. You should then represent the change you want for the world.

Peace can only arise when we legitimize and embody this peace in our own spirit. The mere idea is not enough, here too active action is required or action that reflects the corresponding peace..!!

In conclusion, one can say that visualization itself means much more. It is about setting a goal, imagining a corresponding circumstance and then working on its manifestation through active and focused action. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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