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The question of whether there is life after death has occupied countless people for thousands of years. In this regard, some people instinctively assume that after death occurs, one would end up in a so-called nothingness, a place where nothing exists and one's own existence has no meaning anymore. On the other hand, one has always heard of people who are firmly convinced that there is life after death. People who got interesting insights into a completely new world due to near-death experiences. Furthermore, different children appeared again and again, who could remember a previous life in detail. Children who, in this context, could exactly remember past family members, places of residence and even their own living conditions from past lives.

The frequency change at the onset of "death"!!

To start with, basically there is no death. What happens when our own physical shells decay is merely a so-called frequency change, in which our soul enters a new level of existence together with all the collected experiences of the previous incarnation(s). Our entire energetic basis changes its own vibration frequency and prepares for a transition to the afterlife. The afterlife has nothing to do with what is propagated to us by religious authorities, it is much more a peaceful, immaterial level that is responsible for measuring our soul based on its vibration frequency (the moral, spiritual and spiritual development of the past life draws one's own vibration frequency), can be classified into a corresponding frequency level, in order to then be able to prepare for a coming reincarnation.

The cycle of reincarnation enables us humans to constantly develop mentally/emotionally..!!

This reincarnation cycle is a cycle that has accompanied us humans since the beginning of our lives and gives us the opportunity to see through the game of duality. Ultimately, it is about us humans developing mentally, spiritually and morally from incarnation to incarnation in order to then be able to end this process.

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