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electromagnetic storms

Due to a previous article on which I worked for 5 hours, I actually wanted to withdraw a little and let the evening end, but I'm now reporting again about today's electromagnetic influences (but I'll keep it rather short), simply for the reason that strong influences reached us again today, to be precise a strong impulse around morning/noon and another strong impulse towards the evening (see picture in the lower section).

Two strong electromagnetic pulses reached us today

Two strong electromagnetic pulsesIn this context, there are hardly any breaks at the moment and stronger electromagnetic influences have been reaching us every day for the past 3-4 days. In this regard, I have now also learned that a stronger solar wind stream reached us on April 9th, which caused the earth to move deeper in the last few days. Ultimately, this partly explains the stronger electromagnetic pulses. At the same time, or rather in keeping with this, there was also an increasing weakening of our earth's magnetic field, which definitely explains more pronounced feelings of tiredness. It often happens that you feel significantly more exhausted on certain days. This can also make you less focused, more argumentative (depending on your inner conflicts) and you may have to struggle with sleep problems. But headaches or general malaise can also be the result of strong electromagnetic influences (completely opposite sensations would also be possible). The intense energies reach our own state of consciousness and really shake us up. Our own conflicts and unfulfilled thoughts are then often transported into our own daily consciousness and ask us to clear them up (cleaning & transformation process). Electromagnetic pulsesA process that can be quite stormy and exhausting at the beginning. The result is also knowledge about the meaning (your own meaning) of life, our origins and also about the current apparent system.

In the current age of spiritual awakening, we repeatedly experience days and weeks in which strong cosmic influences reach us, which subsequently promotes an enormous further development of the collective state of consciousness..!!

These are days that can initiate massive further developments in the current process of spiritual awakening and therefore benefit the collective state of consciousness. It remains to be seen whether it will be just as stormy in the next few days or whether further stronger electromagnetic pulses will reach us. But the probability is high. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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