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Humanity is currently in a massive war of frequencies. In doing so, the most varied of instances use all their power to ensure that our own vibration frequency is reduced (containment of our mind). This permanent lowering of our own frequency should ultimately lead to our physical + mental constitution being weakened, whereby the collective state of consciousness is purposefully contained. As always, it's about covering up the truth about us humans or about the current planetary situation, the truth about our own primal cause. The elites (meaning the rich, elite families who control the financial system, politics, industries, secret services and the media) will stop at nothing and use a wide variety of technologies to lower our own haunted state (we humans are an expression of Consciousness, a product of our own mind - our mind, in turn, vibrates at an individual frequency).

Why does every human being have an individual vibration frequency...?

Everything vibrates at an individual frequencyWell then, in order to be able to understand the war of frequencies that is currently taking place, it is first of all important to gain a deeper insight into our own source. In order to expand one's own state of consciousness, it is also absolutely necessary to look at all the information coming from an impartial and unprejudiced mind. Ultimately, this is also something that has simply been lost in today's world. As a rule, we are very happy to judge things that do not correspond to our own conditioned and inherited world view. As a result, we close our own minds and miss the chance to broaden our horizons to include relevant information (instead of insulting or judging, discussing and questioning). Well then, here we go. Basically, it looks like everything in existence is just an expression of an overarching consciousness (here one likes to speak of a great spirit). Consciousness and the resulting/connected thought processes represent the highest creative instance in existence/our primal ground. All conceivable material and immaterial states are ultimately only an expression of consciousness. For example, everything a person perceives, everything they can see, is at the end of the day just an immaterial/spiritual/mental projection of their own state of consciousness. In exactly the same way, every action that one has committed, commits and will commit in his own life is only a result of our own mental spectrum.

Everything in existence is an expression of consciousness, is a mental product. In exactly the same way, one's own life is merely a result of the state of consciousness from which one acted in the appropriate moments..!! 

Any actions that you have committed in your life, for example, were first thought up by you before you realized them. If you go for a walk, then you could only realize this action based on the initial idea of ​​going for a walk. First you imagined something, thought about going for a walk right away, legitimized this thought in your own mind and then you also realized the corresponding thought through the execution of the action.

Every action rested first and foremost as an idea, in the form of a thought, in one's own spirit. First it is presented, then it is realised/manifested..!!

For example, if you meet a nice girl/boy, then you only do so because you first imagined the meeting in your mind (creation arises from our emotionally charged/enlivened thoughts). That's also the fascinating thing about life, everything that happens is ultimately only possible because of your own thoughts. The basis of everything is just mental nature.

Our own spiritual ground

Everything in existence is spiritual in natureThis is also one of the reasons why even Albert Einstein came to the conclusion that the entire universe in itself is just a single thought. In any case, thoughts also have fascinating properties in this regard. For one, thoughts, like our consciousness, are timeless. Because of this, you can also imagine anything you want without being limited in your imagination. In the mind there is neither space nor time. The same applies to our own consciousness. Ultimately, this circumstance is also responsible for the fact that our own consciousness is constantly expanding or, simply put, continuously expanding. One experiences continuous expansions of consciousness. Most of the time, however, these are expansions of consciousness that are very inconspicuous for one's own mind. We humans always imagine an expansion of our own state of consciousness as a groundbreaking enlightenment/self-awareness, a realization that shakes our own life from the ground up. But this only means an expansion of consciousness that is very noticeable for one's own mind. But your own consciousness is constantly expanding. For example, as you read this text, your awareness expands with the experience of reading this text. When you lie in your bed at night and look back, you will find that your awareness has been expanded to include this new situation. Furthermore, our consciousness consists of energetic states/energy. Here one also likes to speak of energetic states, which in turn oscillate at a corresponding frequency. Since all existence is ultimately just an expression of a gigantic consciousness, a great spirit that firstly gives form to all existing states and secondly represents the ever-existing origin of our creation, consequently everything in existence is also made of energy.

If you want to understand the universe, then think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration - Nikola Tesla..!!

Solid, rigid matter, as we mistakenly perceive it, ultimately consists only of energy, or rather of a condensed energetic state, energy that has a low vibration frequency. Our own state of consciousness, which in turn oscillates at an individual frequency, still has a few peculiarities, namely our own oscillation frequency can change drastically due to correlating vortex mechanisms (we know these vortex mechanisms under the term chakras).

Changing our own frequency

Individual vibration frequencyIn this context, negativity of any kind causes energetic states to condense/become denser, with the result that the vibration frequency of the corresponding energetic state decreases. In turn, positivity of any kind causes energetic states to become decondensed/lightened, with the result that the vibration frequency of a corresponding energetic state increases. This phenomenon can therefore also be transferred 1:1 to our own state of consciousness. Positive thoughts that we legitimize in our own mind raise our own vibrational frequency. The result is that we feel happier, more alive, more energetic and more vital overall. Negative thoughts (attributable to early childhood trauma, self-imposed dependencies/addictions, blockages and karmic entanglements), in turn, reduce the frequency of our own state of consciousness, the result is that we feel weak, tired and sluggish, and may even suffer from depressive moods. A lowering of our own vibration frequency simply weakens our own mental and physical constitution, which ultimately always favors the development of diseases. Our own mind then simply overloads and, at the end of the day, dumps its own overload, its own mental pollution, back onto our physical body. The consequence is always a weakening of our own immune system + an impairment of the body's own functionalities. Simply put, one could also conclude that a reduction in our own vibration frequency makes us humans ill. Conversely, an increase in one's own frequented state naturally leads to an improvement in our own health.

By increasing our own vibrational frequency, we always ensure a significant improvement in our own mental + physical condition..!!

You know it yourself, imagine you would now win 20 million euros in the lottery. Suddenly your vibration frequency would increase enormously. You would be happy, content, joyful and bathed in a sense of lightness. Since each person is the creator of their own present reality with the help of their thoughts, each person also has control over which thoughts/emotions they legitimize in their own mind and which not. We are the smiths of our own happiness and do not have to succumb to any supposed fate, but we shape our own fate ourselves.

The lowering of the human vibrational frequency

nwo financial eliteBut nowadays we live in a world in which powerful authorities want to prevent exactly that. Our world has always been controlled and dominated by those in power for that matter. It is powerful, extremely wealthy families (including mining, real estate holdings, financial services and institutions, for example the Rothschilds have an estimated fortune of $2 trillion - who is Bill Gates?) who first have unimaginable fortunes and second power over almost all central banks have the world. These families can create money out of thin air and because of this power they have complete control over our governments, politicians, intelligence agencies, industries and media. In this context, we humans represent only human capital for these occultists, ignorant slaves who are not allowed to know anything about all this and should only follow the system blindly (we live in an illusory world that was built around our mind). Anyone who steps out of line, i.e. enlightened people who uncover this truth or even rebel against the energetically dense system, are then specifically denounced and exposed to ridicule, are defamed as conspiracy theorists (Conspiracy theorist, a word that firstly comes from psychological warfare and secondly serves to discredit people who are critical of the system).

Anyone who draws attention to this energetically dense system, to the purchased puppet politicians or even to these occult families is automatically exposed to ridicule by society. Here one also likes to speak of so-called system guards, i.e. people conditioned by the media and the system who reject everything that does not correspond to their own conditioned and inherited world view..!! 

These families (e.g. the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc.) know exactly about the true reason for our own existence. They have an incredible knowledge of our Ground, they are intimately aware of our frequency circumstance, and they also know that every human being, actually a very powerful being, could be a powerful creator of their own circumstance. frequenciesHowever, these families do not use this knowledge to create a peaceful world, they only use it to achieve their own elitist goals. So these families are also occultists/satanists and secretly hold unimaginably cruel ceremonies (If humanity knew what was really going on on our planet, we would have a revolution soon). But all this is deliberately withheld from us, the simple guarantor must not know anything about all this, because this information could make us humans spiritually free, so this information would give us an insight into a world that should remain withheld from us.

The collective state of consciousness has been deliberately kept down for centuries and a corresponding increase/development is specifically prevented..!!

In this context, the "mighty" also have one goal in mind and that is the total subjugation and enslavement of humanity and this happens on the one hand via money (keyword: compound interest/fraud) and via our mind. For this reason, our system media are all brought into line and feed us with disinformation, half-truths and lies every day. In exactly the same way, pioneering technologies such as free energy (keyword: Nikola Tesla), or healing methods that could be used to cure any disease, are specifically suppressed (a healed patient is a lost customer).

Fewer and fewer people are being blinded by the system based on disinformation and are increasingly committed to a free world..!!

On the other hand, substances/substances/preparations that are highly toxic to our organism are classified as not or hardly harmful to our health (fluoride, aspartame, glutamate, etc.) and are sometimes even forced on us (see the compulsory vaccination just discussed - vaccines contain countless toxic substances such as aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde). The elite families keep us ignorant and have the mind of the people completely in their hands, at least until a few years ago (keyword: cosmic cycle, Aquarian age, quantum leap into awakening).

We are being held captive in an artificially created state of consciousness!!!

Artificially created state of consciousnessWell then, one could also say that we humans keep ourselves trapped in an artificially created/energetically dense state of consciousness that we allow ourselves to be manipulated and, as a result, judgments, hatred, anger or even a feeling of exclusion towards others over and over again People, legitimize in their own mind. Of course, we or even society basically don't notice anything and are consequently subject to these consciously brought about vibration frequency reductions. In this way, thoughts of ignorance, thoughts of fear, thoughts of slander, judgment, anger, hatred, envy, jealousy, greed, etc. are deliberately fueled and the collective state of consciousness is thus permanently contained (we become downright ignorant/ kept stupid).

The majority of the common people do not understand what is really happening. And she doesn't even understand that she doesn't understand. – Noam Chomsky..!!

Incidentally, one also likes to talk about the development of our own egoistic mind (EGO = materially oriented mind). The elite families just don't want us to deal with each other peacefully and lovingly again, they don't want us to be mentally free and physically completely healthy, but they want us to be ignorant people, i.e. slaves who work for their wealth (we are the staff of the Germany GmbH).

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent - and that is power because they control the minds of the masses. - Malcolm X..!!

Ultimately it is a very perfidious system in which we find ourselves, a system created by occultists who play with the collective state of consciousness of humanity. We are therefore also in a war of frequencies/energies, which is being deliberately waged by these authorities (On another level, this frequency war is also being waged via hairpin systems and in general via led to electrosmog. But the game can no longer be continued. More and more people are seeing through the game of the enslaving power instances and are rebelling against the system, against the NWO.

In Germany, the one who points out the dirt is considered much more dangerous than the one who makes the dirt. – Kurt Tucholsk..!!

Due to very special cosmic circumstances, an energetic change takes place and mankind manages to fathom its own life again after thousands of years (a 26.000-year cycle in which our state of consciousness was raised within the first 13.000 years and then lowered again becomes). More and more people are risking a look behind the scenes and are increasingly campaigning for peace, freedom and justice in the world. It is therefore only a matter of time before these families are completely exposed and when that happens there will definitely be a revolution. A global revolution that will usher in the golden age. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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    • Uruguru 23. December 2019, 1: 52

      Very well written and hit the mark.

      light and love.

    Uruguru 23. December 2019, 1: 52

    Very well written and hit the mark.

    light and love.