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For thousands of years we humans have been in a war between the light and the dark (a war between our ego and the soul, between low and high frequencies, between lies and truth). Most people groped in the dark for centuries and were not aware of this fact in any way. In the meantime, however, this circumstance is changing again, simply for the reason that more and more people, due to very special cosmic circumstances, are investigating their own primal ground again and as a result come into contact with the knowledge about this war. This war does not mean war in the conventional sense, but it is much more a spiritual/mental/subtle war, which is about the containment of the collective state of consciousness, the containment of our mental + spiritual potential. Mankind has also been kept in an ignorant frenzy on this for countless generations. The truth about the world and our own primal ground is consciously suppressed on all levels of existence by a wide variety of instances and our vibration frequency is deliberately kept low. Of course, this suppression of our spirit also happens in a very inconspicuous way, but sometimes also in the most obvious way.

The Spreading of Disinformation - "The Weapon of the Powerful"

weakening-of-consciousnessA few centuries ago, for example, those in power at that time did this mainly with violence and the physical oppression of the people. Admittedly, this is of course still happening to some extent in today's world (keyword Saudi Arabia, a country that massively oppresses women, homosexuals and advocates of truth or even the USA, which has people who rebel against the system murdered - keyword: JFK|| Or even Guantanamo Bay, where people were/are tortured in the most perfidious way). But especially in the western world (especially - Europe) we are kept ignorant with disinformation, half-truths and the targeted manipulation/conditioning of our conscious/subconscious. In this context, everything is being tried to suppress the truth about the world, our ground and the current low-frequency system. The truth, or rather the fact that we humans are ultimately under the control of some extremely wealthy, elite families (e.g. the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc.). Families that have taken control of the banking system, created money out of nothing, and based it on corrupting the media, industries, and governments.

The striving of certain very wealthy families for a new world order is not fiction or even a "conspiracy theory", but it has become much more an integral part of our system and manifested itself or resulted within the people, also in a strongly material shaped and oriented Company. In other words, people who, firstly, see money as the most important asset and, secondly, judge things/knowledge that, in turn, does not correspond to their own conditioned and inherited worldview ..!!

These families create money out of thin air and aim for a totalitarian world government. We are now writing the year 2017 and an extremely large number of people are fully aware of this fact. For this reason there have also been countless peace demonstrations, countless protests or even election campaign speeches in recent years, which in turn were deliberately disturbed by heckling that was critical of the system. People who have teamed up and deliberately uncovered the truths of the corrupt system, people who can no longer accept the political and economic intrigues in any way.

The word conspiracy theory comes from the arsenal of psychological warfare and is deliberately used today to ridicule people who in turn spread system-critical content and have system-critical views..!!

Of course, the system is also prepared in this regard and tries to label all those who in turn express their views critical of the system as right-wing populists or even as conspiracy theorists. At this point it should also be said that the word “conspiracy theorist” only comes from psychological warfare and is used in a targeted manner, firstly to be able to ridicule people who could be dangerous to the corrupt system and to create a certain division within the population to be able to So supposed "conspiracy theorists" or people who have views critical of the system and also express them like to be excluded by the people, are deliberately exposed to ridicule, are discredited and mostly even downright defamed. Here one also likes to speak of so-called system guards, i.e. people who act out of their ignorance and their state of consciousness characterized by disinformation and consequently reject everything that does not correspond to their own conditioned + inherited world view.

The oppression of the human spirit

oppression of the human spiritNevertheless, this circumstance is currently changing and all of humanity is currently in a so-called process of spiritual awakening. In this context, this spiritual awakening also means that more and more people are investigating the root cause of their lives and are therefore increasingly attracted to spiritual and system-critical topics. In this context, spirituality also stands for the teaching of the spirit, spirit in turn means the complex interplay of consciousness/subconsciousness from which our reality also arises (the life of a person is a product of his own state of consciousness, is a mental projection of his own spirit). However, the powerful do not want people to deal with spiritual issues or with their own spirit, because they are aware that dealing with our own spirit, with our own primal ground + the true background of the chaotic planetary circumstance mentally could make free (One reason why spiritual topics or even esotericism, which only means belonging to the inner, has always been presented as humbug). Since, especially in recent years, people have increasingly dealt with these topics, been able to identify with them, developed their own spirit—and became clearer overall, this ultimately led to the system, especially our mass media (also some alternative media) increased doubt and discord. Especially in the last few weeks I have noticed this in an unprecedented intensity. Sometimes disinformation is thrown around and topics such as chemtrails, vaccinations (highly toxic vaccines), Deutschland-GmbH, media lies - lying press, NWO, Haarp - weather manipulation, 9/11, etc. are increasingly being tackled by various media outlets that have been brought into line .

Due to the fact that a rethinking or an irreversible awakening is taking place within the population, system-critical issues are increasingly being ridiculed, sometimes people who deal with them are even massively attacked + discredited - see Xavier Naidoo, for example..!!

At the end of the day, this disinformation is simply spread to throw people into doubt. So then some people who think differently may have doubts, become increasingly unsettled or may not even dare to express their own opinion in this regard (for fear of exclusion or even slander). Ultimately, this is what the "dark powers" want very specifically and they try with all means to thwart the spiritual awakening of mankind. People who deal with these issues should be unsettled and certain truth movements are deliberately presented in a wrong light. All I can say is that you shouldn't let that fool you or even scare you.

The process of spiritual awakening is inevitable and can only be delayed by certain consciousness-damaging mechanisms, for example the targeted spreading of disinformation, the manipulation of our weather and other energetically dense methods..!!

The whole thing is simply wanted to be able to prevent the quantum leap into awakening. Ultimately, however, this global awakening can only be delayed, because due to the newly begun Age of Aquarius, the newly begun platonic year, the galactic pulse and other unique circumstances, this spiritual awakening is simply unavoidable. In a few years we will find ourselves 100% on an entirely new planetary circumstance (The golden age), there is no doubt about that. For this reason we should not let our own minds be confused by purchased media instances, but should continue to direct our focus to the truth. This is the only way we can keep a cool head and maintain our own intellectual freedom. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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