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Cancer has long been curable, but there are countless remedies and methods that can be used to effectively combat cancer. From cannabis oil to natural germanium, all of these natural substances target this unnatural cell mutation and could start a revolution in medicine. But this project, these natural remedies, are being specifically suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry. A healed patient is just a lost customer and no longer brings in sales, for this reason powerful propaganda is carried out and action is taken in a very targeted manner against these groundbreaking achievements.

Every disease can be cured!

It would be possible to free every cancer patient from his illness within a very short time. But not only cancer is curable, basically every existing disease can be successfully treated with the appropriate remedy. Nature has taken precautions and has a suitable remedy for every disease. Apart from that, there are other ways to get rid of diseases. One way of doing this is by making a complete diet change, aiming to eat as naturally as possible afterwards. Even the biochemist Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for discovering that no disease can exist in a basic and oxygen-rich cell environment. Therefore, in order to even identify diseases, it is important to bring your own cell environment into shape. Most people have a low-oxygen and acidic cell environment, which is due to the poor Western diet. Too many transfer fats, too much refined sugar, tons of aspartame, glutamate and countless other chemical additives weaken our immune system and make us sick. The following film provides information about why we humans are ill, are made ill in a very specific way and why cancer in particular has been curable for years. I can only highly recommend this film, even if it is a bit longer.

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