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As I have often mentioned in my texts, illnesses always first arise in our own mind, in our own consciousness. Since ultimately the entire reality of a human being is merely a result of his own consciousness, his own thought spectrum (everything arises from thoughts), not only our life events, actions and beliefs/beliefs are born in our own consciousness, but also diseases. In this context, every illness has a spiritual cause. In most cases, illnesses can therefore be traced back to one's own problems, early childhood trauma, mental blockages or even inner, psychological discrepancies, which in turn are temporarily present in our own mind.

Inner conflicts and mental problems as triggers for diseases

Illnesses are born in one's thought spectrumThe mental discrepancies and blockages then burden our own psyche, weaken our own mental constitution and block our own energetic flow at the end of the day. Energetic impurities arise in our own subtle body, and as a result, it shifts this pollution onto our own physical body. This results in a weakening of our body's immune system and our cell milieu + our DNA is damaged, which in turn greatly promotes the development of diseases. In the chakra theory one even speaks of a spin deceleration. Ultimately, chakras are energy vortices/centers that supply our body with life energy and ensure a permanent energetic flow. Illnesses or energetic impurities slow down our chakras in the spin and as a result the corresponding physical areas can no longer be sufficiently supplied with life energy. This creates physical blockages that have a lasting impact on our own health. For example, a person who is very cold-hearted, has hardly any empathy and tramples on the animal, nature and human world will most likely have/develop a blockage in the heart chakra, which in turn promotes the development of heart diseases. The only way to solve the cause of the diseases that subsequently occur is to dissolve the blockage in this physical area by becoming aware of essential moral views. In this context, every serious illness can be traced back to a mental/emotional blockage. Of course, the German biochemist Otto Warburg found out that no disease can exist, let alone develop, in an oxygen-rich and basic cell environment.

Every illness is the result of a negatively aligned mind, a negative spectrum of thoughts that in turn puts a massive strain on your own body..!!

But a bad lifestyle, an unhealthy way of life, an energetically dense diet is only the result of a negatively aligned mind. A negative spectrum of thoughts, from which an indifferent and, above all, comfortable eating behavior arises. "Minor illnesses", such as the flu (cold, cough, etc.), are usually due to temporary mental problems. Speech is also often used here to identify diseases. Sentences such as: fed up with something, something is heavy on the stomach/I have to digest it first, it gets to my kidneys, etc. illustrate this principle in this regard. A cold usually occurs as a result of temporary mental conflicts.

Serious illnesses are usually due to early childhood trauma, karmic baggage, and other mental problems that have persisted for years. Minor illnesses are usually the result of temporary mental discrepancies..!!

For example, you have too much stress at work, problems in relationships or in the family, you are fed up with your current life, all these mental problems burden our own psyche and can subsequently trigger illnesses such as a cold. In the following video, the German doctor Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke talks about exactly this phenomenon and explains in an interesting way why diseases always first develop in one's own mind or on a mental level. Dahlke sees language as a guide: those who “have had enough of something” get a cold, those who “have a heavy stomach” get stomach ulcers, and those who try “to break something over their knees” get knee problems. An exciting video that I can only recommend to you. 🙂

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