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Full moon

Tomorrow it's that time again and another full moon will reach us, to be precise even a full moon in the zodiac sign Taurus. At the same time, this full moon is also accompanied by powerful cosmic influences, because tomorrow we will also have a portal day - the first of this month. For this reason, this combination gives us a powerful boost and in a very special way Way to stir up our own mind/body/spirit system.

Finally change destructive lifestyles

Finally change destructive lifestylesUltimately, it will continue to be about a very specific topic, namely transformation/cleaning. In the meantime, or in the ongoing process of spiritual awakening, it is becoming increasingly important that we humans engage in the comprehensive quantum leap into awakening and, as a result, completely new beliefs, convictions, views, worldviews, thoughts/emotions and, above all, behavior legitimize in your own mind. Ultimately, this realignment of our own mental state is necessarily linked to personal further development, which is why it is becoming increasingly important that we humans completely cleanse ourselves again in order to be able to free ourselves from old burdens, karmic entanglements and other self-imposed burdens. It's all about - as already mentioned in today's daily energy article - about our own self-realization, about staying permanently in a high vibration frequency, about creating a completely harmonious and peaceful state of consciousness - for our well-being and, above all, the well-being of the collective state of consciousness /our fellow human beings (our thoughts and emotions flow into the collective state of consciousness and shape it).

In the current phase it is more than ever about our own self-realization and the associated purification of our own mind..!!

In this context, our planet is currently experiencing a consistent increase in its own vibration frequency (this increase is a consequence of the process of spiritual awakening initiated in 2012 - keyword: cosmic cycle, galactic pulse), which automatically forces us humans to adjust our own frequency again to adapt to that of the earth, which at the end of the day can expose your own shadow parts in a brutal way.

Liberation from dependencies

Liberation from dependencies Staying on a negative mental spectrum, creating a destructive mind, dwelling on negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors is therefore becoming more and more problematic due to this collective change. These negative influences put more and more strain on our bodies, are more likely to encourage the development of illnesses, bring our own minds out of balance much more quickly than before and, as a result, simply force us to change our own lifestyle again. So I've had a really bad time in the last few months and - as already mentioned in one of my last articles - I developed a real hypersensitivity to caffeine and nicotine. That's how it started: I often let myself be dominated by my own fears, sometimes even developed a certain recurring panic and at the same time suffered from circulatory problems. Since this was putting a huge strain on me (I also had an inner conflict about this and so I couldn't accept in any way that I was allowing myself to be dominated by self-imposed dependencies/addictions), I changed my life a few weeks ago and have been doing so for almost a month I stopped smoking (no more nicotine), and avoided all products containing caffeine (no coffee, no cola, no green tea - Caffeine is highly toxic) and I went running every day, without exception.

My own shadow parts, i.e. in this case my self-imposed dependencies, which in turn triggered an inner conflict in me and subsequently placed an even greater burden on my body, were transported into my daytime consciousness in a stressful way so that I could firstly have them again can recognize and secondly can then overcome it through discipline + self-overcoming. An important process that had to take place so that I could permanently stay in a higher frequency again and also an example of how the current change is really pushing us into a high frequency..!!  

Ultimately, I faced my own shadow, my own problems, my own addictions and began to actively initiate a cleansing process again. I've been feeling much better since then, and sometimes the feeling can hardly be put into words. My fears (my fears regarding my own health and the inner conflict) and the moments of panic associated with them have completely disappeared, my circulatory problems are completely gone and I feel a surge of life energy every day that is simply indescribable.

Recreate a completely clear state of consciousness

Full moonAs a result, my quality of life has increased significantly and I now have much more pronounced willpower and am more dynamic and clearer overall. Based on my success experiences, I will now build on this and release my greatest addiction, namely my destructive diet (in today's world we are addicted to energetically dense/dead foods). In other words, I am in a phase, or rather I have now joined the current cleansing phase of our planet and am in the process of fully realizing myself again and this simply involves giving up all dependencies and addictions in order to become fully one again to be able to achieve a clear and, above all, positively oriented state of consciousness (the creation of a high state of consciousness, linked to a certain degree of purity - pure heart, pure body, pure mind). Following on from this, a natural diet is also absolutely necessary (low food consumption, mostly raw food, mostly vegetables + lots of energized spring water and almost no treated or even artificial foods - no animal proteins and fats). Well, to get to the point again, ultimately this cleansing process is an essential part of the current spiritual awakening and is currently reaching more and more people (another phase in the process of spiritual awakening - first knowledge, then action).

Due to the current massive vibrational increases, this cleansing process is manifesting itself more and more week by week in the collective state of consciousness..!!

This comprehensive cleansing process is therefore becoming more and more important, even extremely important for our own progress, because otherwise we will constantly put a strain on our own mind/body/soul system and will only stand in the way of our self-realization (a person who is permanently subject to various dependencies or even addictions, will generally have massive problems with remaining permanently at a high frequency again, simply because, in the long term, massive problems arise from the addictions - by the way, this not only includes addictions to addictive substances, but also the dependency of a workplace situation making us unhappy is part of it).

The realization of a true spiritual state

Become realFor this reason, or due to the advancing purification phase, which in turn is linked to high incoming energies (high frequencies that literally shine through us and flush all problems to the surface of our minds), we humans are currently becoming on all levels of existence, with all our conflicts and problems faced. Whether these are dependencies, unresolved karmic entanglements, early childhood traumas, - or other conflicts that we have not yet been able to resolve, family disagreements, constructs based on lies or, overall, all states based on low frequencies, all of these disagreements are currently present transported back into our daily consciousness at tremendous speed and challenge us to transform it again in order to be able, firstly, to adapt our frequency to that of the earth and, secondly, to be able to manifest a completely free state of consciousness. Since this phase - which in this context is also responsible for a transition into the 5th dimension, a transition into the golden age (5th dimension = high state of consciousness in which positive thoughts and emotions are present), is currently so advanced and we are again confronted with our own conflicts on all levels, and in some cases this can even lead to real character changes, a lot of people are currently going through phases in their lives that are very often characterized by serious changes (either there is a total standstill, the fight with yourself, or fundamental changes take place, the liberation from your own blockages/EGO parts).

Use the intense energies of tomorrow to become aware again of the extent to which you can, firstly, free yourself from your conflicts and, above all, how you can create a life again that completely corresponds to your ideas..!! 

The world is changing more than ever and so much is changing, and so many people are currently evolving like never before and the truth about our own origins, the truth about the system based on disinformation (illusory world , built around our minds by occultist/satanic rich families) is spreading at an unprecedented rate. For this reason, tomorrow will definitely be responsible for examining our own minds again and could also show us all our own disagreements and inner conflicts. Since tomorrow is a full moon and also portal day, the probability that we can expect massive cosmic radiation, with huge energies, is simply very high and, as explained in this article, high energetic circumstances simply lead to a confrontation with ours our own conflicts – are often the initial spark for a complete reorientation of our own mind. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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