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Tomorrow it's that time again and another full moon is reaching us, to be precise it's the fourth full moon this year and the second this month. For this reason it is also referred to as a “blue moon”. This means a second full moon within a month. The last "blue moon" reached us in this context on January 31, 2018 and before that on July 31, 2015, i.e. it is an event that in itself is not too common occurs and is therefore a special feature (the next "blue moon" will not reach us again until October 2020).

Powerful Full Moon (Blue Moon)

Powerful Full Moon (Blue Moon)As far as this is concerned, a "Blue-Moon" full moon is also attributed a fairly strong power ("magical influences"), which is why we have a much more pronounced power of manifestation on corresponding days and the targeted use of our own creative powers comes to the fore much more. Our own creative power means the ability to create/change circumstances. In this way we can use our own mental faculties to direct our lives in a new direction and thereby choose for ourselves what state of being we manifest. Our reality is not a randomly created circumstance/state, but a product of our own mind, a result of all our decisions, thoughts (beliefs & convictions) and feelings legitimated in our own mind (every invention, for example, was first thought up, the first instance was therefore always the thought. Everything arises from our creative spirit. We are the source. Our life is mental/spiritual in nature). Tomorrow's full moon, which by the way takes place in the zodiac sign Libra, brings us extremely promising influences and can have a very prosperous influence on us as a whole. Of course, it should also be mentioned here that full moons in the zodiac sign Libra are also conflictual in nature and can make us irritable as a whole, but one should not forget that the influences of a second full moon - i.e. a "blue moon" - are significantly stronger and are more diverse.

The influences of tomorrow's full moon are of a very strong nature, which is why we are faced with a daily circumstance in which we can experience our own mental + spiritual abilities in a special way..!!

And since portal days reached us in the last two days or on today and yesterday (on March 29th and 30th), the energetic circumstance is generally very pronounced, which is why we could also reflect on our current life through the influences. But how we deal with the corresponding influences at the end of the day depends on the quality and orientation of our current state of consciousness. Well then, one thing is for sure, tomorrow we will have a special full moon, which in turn will bring very strong energies with it. We should therefore look forward to the influences and take positive advantage of the "blue moon". In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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