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Full moon

Tomorrow (March 02nd, 2018) it's that time again and another full moon will reach us, to be precise the third full moon this year. Tomorrow's full moon in the zodiac sign Virgo - which, according to fate.com, will be fully effective at 01:51 a.m. - will give us very powerful influences. In this context, tomorrow's full moon also symbolizes the principle of resolution/refinement and subsequently stands for the Importance of faith and spirituality in our lives and, above all, for the silent implementation of our own insights.

The influences of the full moon

Full moon influencesOtherwise, we could also use the energies of tomorrow's full moon to work on our own self-realization or to create a circumstance in which more abundance is present, because full moons generally represent growth, maturity, self-realization and abundance. For this reason, we could also work on a corresponding manifestation due to the magic of the full moon or due to the strong energies that tomorrow's full moon emits. Ultimately, everything that we have repressed internally or all of our inner conflicts could be transported into our daily consciousness, giving us the opportunity to reflect on ourselves. Everything that burdens us every day - whether consciously or subconsciously - prevents us from acting on current structures and thereby creating a reality that arises from a balanced state of consciousness. In this regard, we humans also tend to suppress our own problems instead of facing them and working on their salvation/transformation. Ultimately, we continually create a state of consciousness that is impaired by disharmonious thoughts. As a result, we are increasingly putting strain on our own minds and have a significant negative influence on our own cell environment and all of our body's own functionalities, because, as I have often mentioned in my articles, our body reacts to our thoughts. Spirit rules over matter and not the other way around.

Tomorrow's Virgo Full Moon influences will be very intense and could shed light on all the negative aspects that weigh on our own minds on a daily basis. Ultimately, this circumstance benefits us greatly, because only by becoming aware of our own inner conflicts can we initiate appropriate changes. First comes recognition and then change..!!

What we think and feel every day flows into our organism and influences our health. People who therefore have internal conflicts subsequently affect their own health and thereby promote the development of illnesses.

Recognize internal conflicts

Recognize internal conflictsOur chakras are slowed down in the spin, blockages arise/are maintained and our life energy can no longer flow completely smoothly (the frequency of our state of consciousness is reduced/is kept low). For this reason, tomorrow's full moon could also make us aware of our own inner conflicts, which only benefits our own prosperity because it gives us the opportunity to grow beyond ourselves. Since tomorrow's Virgo Full Moon also features an opposition with the planet Neptune, the day could also point us to confusion, misunderstandings, lies and negative emotions. Additionally, there is a challenging conjunction with the fixed star Zosma (a star in the constellation Leo), which exacerbates these problems. For these reasons, tomorrow's full moon could very likely make us aware of our negative emotions, behaviors and habits, which would then give us the opportunity to clean up corresponding negative aspects of ourselves. Due to the strong energies of the full moon, we could otherwise dream very intensively, even if sleep could generally be a bit restless. In this context, many people generally tend to sleep restlessly on full moon days. Well, tomorrow will certainly be an exciting day.

Thinking is the basis of everything. It is important that we approach our every thought with the eye of mindfulness - Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

As for me personally, I am also a “fan” of full moons, or rather I find their face fascinating. On the other hand, on full moon days I have already had one or two realizations about my life, which is why I always really look forward to full moon days. However, how each individual deals with such days depends, as always, entirely on the use of their own mental abilities and also on the orientation/quality of their current state of consciousness. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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