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new moon

Today's daily energy on December 18th, 2017 is mainly characterized by a powerful new moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which not only brings us intense energies, but also massively brings our emotional world and therefore our feminine parts to the fore. In this context, female and male parts can be found everywhere in nature and creation apart from our polarity-free origin and are closely linked to the universal principle of polarity and sexuality.

The last new moon this year

The last new moon this yearIn this regard, we humans generally tend to express one of these aspects more strongly. Either our male, i.e. our analytical and intellectual side, is more pronounced, or our female, i.e. our feeling and spiritual side. Here it is important to bring all of our male and female parts into harmony. We humans are fundamentally neither female nor male, at least this fact becomes clear when we look at our mind, which one could mistakenly view as the counterpart to the soul, but which is essentially space-timeless and polarity-less. Our consciousness has no space-time, but continuously expands into an infinite “space”, life itself, and is constantly expanding to include new information/living circumstances/thoughts. For this reason, our consciousness is at its core neither feminine nor masculine, femininity or masculinity are more a manifestation of our spirit, which are expressed through our body. Nevertheless, today's new moon ensures that our feminine side is expressed more strongly, which means that we are in a much more sensitive, spiritual, empathetic and emotional mood. The last new moon this year is therefore also a quite powerful new moon, which is associated with a strong manifestation power, especially due to yesterday's cycle change, i.e. the change from the predominant emotionally shaping water element to the manifestation-shaping earth element. Ultimately, this circumstance can lead to our feminine side, i.e. our emotional parts, being very strongly expressed and subsequently making us emotional.

Due to today's new moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius, all of our feminine aspects are in the foreground, which on the one hand could make us very emotional and, on the other hand, towards the end of the year we become aware of all our self-created interference fields/conflicts, which could lead us to decide what we should do with want to take into the coming year 2018 and what not..!! 

It is therefore appropriate to mark the end of the year with a new moon, through which we can look at all our baggage and unresolved inner conflicts from an emotional perspective in order to then initiate a new phase of life. Old and unredeemed things can be washed into our daily consciousness and can be let go afterwards, if we are ready for it. The new year is almost just around the corner and it is therefore very inspiring if we clear up old burdens and areas of interference in advance so that in the new year we can only provide space for new things, i.e. for thoughts and emotions of a harmonious nature. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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