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new moon

Tomorrow it's that time again and another new moon will reach us, to be precise a very powerful new moon in the zodiac sign Virgo. This new moon will initiate a birth process/new beginning, which will, firstly, massively advance us humans in our own self-discovery/healing process and, secondly, also represent preparation for the upcoming event on September 23rd. A unique star constellation on September 23rd will definitely cause a rapid increase in energy and set many unredeemed things in motion. Many people here also speak of the beginning of the “end times” (or even of the “end of the world”), which is true in some places, but in my opinion it means much more the beginning of a new phase in the process of spiritual awakening.

The acceleration in the process of spiritual awakening

The acceleration in the process of spiritual awakeningFor this reason, the apocalypse, i.e. the worldwide revelation/unveiling/revealing, will certainly progress much faster from, or rather after, this event. Ultimately, more and more people are recognizing all the consciously produced problems, seeing through all the system propaganda and as a result realizing what is really going on on our planet, that we humans ultimately only represent human capital for powerful elite families, our minds recognize this an artificially created illusion world that is permanently contained (matrix = illusion world, a world based on energetically dense mechanisms that suppresses the truth about our own origin with all its might). In this context, fewer and fewer people are being deceived and more and more people are realizing that something is wrong with this world, that a lot of things are going wrong and that we are simply being led to believe something. As a result, fewer and fewer people are being blinded by all the disinformation being spread and are instead spreading the truth about our own cause, the world and the elite plans. As a result, the “powerful” are losing more and more support and the people are waking up more and more. It's like a wildfire that started a few years ago and is slowly becoming extremely large. The truth about our world is therefore unstoppable and even the most skeptical people start to ponder.

Our world is a product of occultist families whose goal is to keep us humans captive in an artificially created illusionary world - which we in turn perceive as normality - in order to be able to gain complete control over ourselves and the planet..!! 

Whether this refers to all the dangerous vaccines, the current weather manipulation via Haarp + chemtrails, our unnatural way of life, the oppression + exploitation of the animal world, the plundering of other lands, all the consciously planned and sometimes initiated terrorist attacks, the increasing exploitation and expropriation of the people, the suppression of remedies or even the discrediting of public figures, who in turn draw attention to these grievances, people are becoming more and more sensitive, experience a sharpening of their state of consciousness and begin to rebel, to think, to wake up.

The process of spiritual awakening has now taken on such great dimensions that it is only a matter of time before the elites completely lose their control over us..!!

Ultimately, this change in the world is also linked to a permanent increase in the vibration of our planet, which explains/encourages our increasing sensitivity and makes us more awake. The cosmic cycle continues and the world changes from day to day at a pace that has never been the case before. For this reason, tomorrow's new moon + the event on September 23rd will also contribute a lot to this planetary awakening.

A birth process takes place

A birth process takes placeIn the same way, we can also assume that the cosmic radiation/energetic influences will be of an extreme nature in the next few days. As far as this is concerned, the last few weeks have been as stormy as ever from an energetic point of view and have given us all a significant boost. A push that in turn revealed many of our own shadow parts/inconsistencies/thought conflicts. As a result, many people were made aware of their own biggest problems and thus indirectly asked to initiate important changes. Ultimately, some people found these days very stressful. Many felt very exhausted, sometimes even as if they were worn out, had to struggle with sleep problems, constant tiredness, problems concentrating and therefore needed a lot of rest. Our own mind/body/spirit system is literally illuminated by this huge amount of incoming energy and spends a lot of energy processing these frequencies. In addition, on such days there was increased weather manipulation, the massive use of hair treatments and chemtrails, which of course increased these symptoms. Well, tomorrow the powerful new moon in the zodiac sign Virgo will reach us and this will usher in the beginning of the coming high-energy phase, will give us strength and will certainly stimulate our own healing process, especially since the quality of Virgo is healing in nature.

Due to the upcoming energetic influences, we should now definitely take more care of ourselves again, if necessary change our diet + initiate other things - which in turn ensure our well-being + our psychological stability..!!

For this reason, a very stressful but also important phase awaits us and we can be excited to see what will happen in the next few days and weeks and can look forward to world events and, above all, our own inner events with full excitement. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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