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After the very trying year 2016 and especially the last stormy months (especially August, September, October), December is a time of recovery, a time of inner peace and truth. This time is accompanied by a supporting cosmic radiation, which not only drives our own mental process, but also allows us to recognize our deepest desires and dreams. The signs are good and this month we can therefore make a difference. Our spiritual power of manifestation will reach new heights and the realization of our own deeply hidden heart's desires will experience a real upswing. This month is also extremely energetically charged and can bring us real progress in the process of spiritual awakening.

A time of recovery and inner healing begins..!!

energy-in-decemberAfter this year has transported countless deeply rooted shadow parts and karmic entanglements to the surface, and we have been confronted again and again by strong changes both inside and outside, a time of inner peace is now returning in December. A time of recovery begins and we can become optimally aware of why we are the way we are, what our behavior is due to and, above all, we are now able to finally let go of old things in order to be able to complete the inner healing process. Since we humans have been in the newly beginning cosmic cycle, our mind (conscious + subconscious) has been repeatedly bombarded with energies of the highest intensity. Through this permanent energetic confrontation, deep mental wounds are exposed and one achieves an increased mental exposure or the call of our soul reaches us again and again. Old, sustainable, egotistical behaviors are increasingly being uncovered, beginning to put a massive strain on our mind/body/soul system and for this reason prompt us to deal with this karmic ballast in order to be able to achieve an even stronger emotional connection. It was therefore precisely this year that, due to a significant potentiation of the planetary vibration frequency, it was extremely stormy to recognize old sustainable patterns, to become aware of one's own heart's desires and, above all, to accept/transform one's own suffering. Now, with December, the year is coming to an end and we are in a position to develop our full emotional and spiritual potential.

In December our spiritual manifestation power can be perfectly developed..!!

Of course there are still things that put a strain on our energetic system, but especially in the coming times there will be a perfect energetic environment with which we can shape our own lives to our advantage. The power of manifestation is strong and we should therefore definitely use it to be able to adapt our psychological circumstances to the 5th dimension. The integration of the most diverse aspects of the soul is now reaching a new level and the power of self-love, which lies deep in every human being, can be unfolded in the near future.

The development of your own self-love can now reach new levels..!!

The development of one's own self-love, which always goes hand in hand with the development of one's own life energy, now wants to be lived by us and no longer wait for a release. For far too long we have lived our own dark side, suffered the deepest pain, had to go through suffering of the most varied intensities and forgot how beneficial and beautiful the inner power of self-love can be, forgot this powerful and at the same time beautiful feeling. This is exactly how we can now experience wonderful twists of fate. For example, what you've always longed for can suddenly and unexpectedly come into your life, especially when you open your heart to these magical, energetic frequencies of December.

Open your heart to the energies of December and mentally resonate with the high-frequency radiation..!!

If you start to resonate mentally and mentally with these supporting energies, then miracles can truly happen and be realized. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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