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Every human being or every soul has been in the so-called reincarnation cycle (reincarnation = reincarnation/re-embodiment) for countless years. This overarching cycle ensures that we humans are reborn again and again in new bodies, with the overriding goal that we continue to develop mentally and spiritually in each incarnation and so in the future at some point, after countless incarnations, to be able to complete this process.

Past life conflicts

Past life conflicts

The conclusion occurs when, after countless lives, we initiate a very special breakthrough and bring our mind/body/spirit system into complete harmony. This is followed by an extremely developed/expanded state of consciousness in which only positive, i.e. harmonious and peaceful thoughts find their place. Such a person would then be a master of his own incarnation and would have freed himself from all earthly events. He would be the master of his own thoughts + emotions and would no longer be subject to addiction. He would then have completely detached himself from matter + material thinking and would live a quiet life in calm, peace and harmony (He would be in harmony with himself and life, would no longer be subject to dualitarian principles, would be completely worthy + free of judgment). Until that happens, we humans go through countless lives, constantly develop ourselves further, get to know new moral views, increasingly free ourselves from our own materially oriented patterns, learn to act increasingly from our souls and become increasingly wiser after incarnation (For this reason There is also a so-called incarnation age - the more often you have incarnated so far, the older your soul is). This is exactly how we shed karmic baggage and other mental impurities from incarnation to incarnation. In this context, there are also many serious psychological injuries and bonds that usually arise in the initial incarnations (of course not only in initial incarnations) and are then dissolved in the subsequent incarnations, especially towards the end of the latter incarnations. Ultimately, this mental ballast certainly also relates to all unresolved conflicts that we carry over and over again into future lives and then continue to fight out.

When a person dies, he takes all of his problems, karmic baggage and other mental and spiritual impurities with him into the next life. The whole thing then happens until the relevant conflicts are resolved..!!

For example, if a person is addicted to alcohol and is unable to free themselves from this addiction and is still struggling with this conflict, then they will carry this problem with them into their future lives. After “death” (frequency change) and the subsequent reincarnation, a corresponding person would then again be susceptible to addictions, especially to alcohol. Only when the addiction is successfully defeated in one's life is the cycle broken and the psychological burden lifted/relieved. In this regard, there are countless illnesses that are carried over into the next life or can even be traced back to one's own mental inconsistencies.

As far as the process of self-healing is concerned, it is always necessary to free yourself from all conflicts and bring your own mind into complete balance..!! 

There are illnesses that, on the one hand, arise due to diet (unnatural diet), and on the other hand are caused by a mental imbalance (attributable to new incarnation conflicts) or have become manifest again in our new life due to psychological inconsistencies in past lives (part of the own soul plan). These illnesses are simply a result of unresolved conflicts and can only be resolved by recognizing and resolving these conflicts. As a rule, it even seems that these conflicts become noticeable in subsequent life and confront us. Ultimately, the imperative of conflict resolution also applies here with regard to one's own self-healing. If you want to become completely mentally and physically healthy again, then it is imperative that you bring your own mind/body/spirit system into harmony, i.e. balance, and free yourself from all self-imposed conflicts. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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