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This rather short article is about a video that explains exactly why we humans have been in slavery for our lifetime and, above all, why penetrating/recognizing this illusory world/slavery is a problem for many people. The fact is that we humans live in an illusory world that was built around our minds. Because of conditioned beliefs, beliefs, and inherited worldviews, we hold to a deeply exploitative and"Disinformation scatterers" system that in turn was so entangled that it is hardly transparent for many people.

Become aware of mental oppression

Become aware of mental oppressionTo a large extent, this system is therefore defended and protected with all their might (system guards - people who defend an enslaving system because, firstly, they do not recognize the enslavement and, secondly, it has corresponded to their world view since their lifetime). System critics are in turn exposed to ridicule and labeled as "right-wing crackpots" or even as "conspiracy theorists". A great deal of propaganda is carried out via the synchronized mass media and freedom of expression is increasingly restricted. It is not about the well-being of the people, but about precarious self-interests, which in turn are implemented in various ways by elitist rulers. We are being led into the illusion of a world of illusions, and anyone who questions this world of illusions must expect to be ridiculed not only by society, but also by those in their direct social environment and consequently excluded. Well-known personalities are then in turn massively attacked and exposed by the mass media. Well, of course I don't want to point the finger at other people in this article and also don't want to blame those in power for this circumstance. Aside from the fact that more and more people are "awakening" anyway and are penetrating the illusory world with their own spirit (it's a sure-fire success, the truth is spreading like wildfire and infecting more and more people), it's ultimately us humans who are the ones let yourself be caught in a semblance. Life is just a product of our own mind and what limits we are subject to, what beliefs, convictions and worldviews we legitimize in our own mind depends entirely on us. Ultimately, I have already taken up the topic countless times and I will take it up a few more times. Simply because it is important to conduct enlightenment. Of course, it is often said that you should direct your own energy, i.e. your own focus, to other things.

For several years the world has been changing in a very special way and since then more and more people have been dealing with the appearance of (their) world. The low-frequency world is questioned and infused with spirit..!!

Nevertheless, I (still) think it is important to report about it, especially if it is done in a peaceful way (I will explain the whole thing in detail in a separate article soon). Peace is also a key word here, because peace in the world and also a change within the system can only happen when we free ourselves from many state dogmas and enslaving mechanisms (meat, television [media disinformation], vaccinations, unnatural lifestyles, Judgments, disharmonious thoughts, fear and co. - return to nature). We should also begin to embody the peace that we desire for this world. First we recognize the (our) appearance, then we penetrate it with our spirit and then we change our lifestyle (our basic thinking) as a result. Recognizing - Awakening - Changing would be what Heiko Schrang would say. Well then, in the following video linked below, this topic is taken up again in great detail and, as already mentioned above, it is explained why we live in a slave system. With this in mind, have fun watching and stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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